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Jim Poit, Executive Pastor, Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA


When a pastor takes a new assignment with a church it is as much an adjustment for the family as it is for the candidate. So it was for the family of Jim Poit when he accepted Robert A. Schuller’s invitation to become executive pastor at the Crystal Cathedral when Robert became senior pastor, succeeding founding pastor Dr. Robert H. Schuller, two years ago.


Seven ways to integrate worship into the congregation’s life and ministry

The last 30 years have brought unprecedented expansion of the kinds of people who plan and lead worship. For centuries worship services in most traditions were led exclusively by ordained priests or pastors, along with a lead cantor or musician.


Can civil disobedience restore free political speech for churches?

In the recent election cycle there have been several situations where churches or church leaders have become involved in political activity that has led to calls for revocation of the churches’ tax exempt status.


Could your church use a new car or vacation home?

Imagine that if on a typical Sunday your offering plate was loaded down with gifts of cars, boats, RVs, timeshares, jewelry, gold coins and stamp donations.


Churches can get more for less with metal construction systems

Two churches that opted for facilities designed and constructed with metal building systems believe that they met and exceeded wise stewardship by the choices they made.