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How the new healthcare reform act may affect congregations


President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act On March 23, 2010, with a follow-up signing of the Health Care and Education Affordability Act of 2010 a week later.


Today vinyl is a preferred flooring for many church uses


Vinyl floors might not have star power, but the quality flooring is cost-effective. Today’s churches are no longer used just for worship. They must be able to accommodate sports, light recreation, social activities and an array of other events. Thus, it is important that a flooring solution be versatile in design and function in order […]


Meet Larry Osborne


Larry Osborne says he grew up in a rather legalistic church and that it tended to confuse American values with Biblical values. “Frankly, it turned me off to both God and the church. But by my senior year in high school, through the influence of my parents — who are amazingly godly people without a trace of legalism — and my youth pastor — who is now my Executive Pastor — I came to Christ.


Big idea for outreach


The idea of a big day is so simple, yet so revolutionary. First, let me define it. A big day is an all-out push toward a single Sunday for the purpose of breaking the next growth barrier and setting an attendance record, in order to reach as many people as possible for Jesus.


How you can convert conflict into ministry opportunities


Church conflict is among the worst kinds, wrapped as it usually is in theological certainty about the rectitude of each side’s views. Outsiders consider the conflict hypocritical. Insiders wind-up disillusioned and sometimes wash-out. Entire congregations vanish.


Social justice movement seen as inspired by secular trends


Mae Cannon was immersed in the social issues of our day in ways she never expected. She grew up in southern Maryland and “experienced a lot of racial tension between the black and white communities.” Going to the University of Chicago and graduate and seminary schools she became aware of some of the “amazing challenges” that communities of color face in the U.S.


When attendance drops


Case study on church attendance suggests a systematic methodology that takes time and effort, but will produce a more reliable conclusion.


In Hollywood’s shadow, one pastor uses power of culture and film


As a teaching pastor of Yorba Linda Friends Church, a megachurch in Southern California, I have lived a great deal of my life in Hollywood’s shadow. But instead of being threatened by the entertainment industry’s powerful impact on culture, I’ve found it to be a tremendous asset.


New ministry ideas


Excessive focus on numbers can obscure other issues that relate to the future faithful ministry of the church. Do you have a working system to facilitate assimilating people into small groups or areas of service?


Staying alive: Defusing the emotional time bomb in pastoral work


Ministry is challenging and difficult work that takes it toll on the pastor, his family and often the congregation too. This individual’s story sets the tone for an interview Church Executive sought out on pastoral stress and burnout. Daniel Spaite is a physician and tenured professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson, AZ, and the son of a retired senior pastor. He authored a book, Time Bomb in the Church: Defusing Pastoral Burnout