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Using high capacity leadership is about calling, not capacity


“Many churches haven’t changed their leadership style at all; they are still small and denominational, and the work is expected to be done by the pastor — not much different really from the Jane Austen days,” Buford notes.


The rules for churches ‘getting 
political’ are complex, intricate


The TVs are squawking, the blogs are ablaze, conservative radio is, of course, fanning the flames. The 2010 mid-term election season will affect everyone in the church pews of America. Let’s face it, the government has passed legislation (and is contemplating more) that virtually all of the members of your congregation care about — one way or the other.


Safeguard against violent ‘insiders and outsiders’

During the past 15 years violence has migrated from the workplace through the school system and college campuses and has now set its sights on churches.


Tagline branding


What do those few words below your church’s name really signify? They may


Rebuilding the church 
on its ancient foundations


Church leaders are turning back to inner cities and building urban churches with missional zeal.