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For the well-positioned church, now is a great time to borrow

The vast majority of banks have emerged from one of the most difficult periods in recent history somewhat battered and bruised, but fundamentally sound.


Code restriction limits adequate lighting in broadcast setting


It was late in 2008 when Calvary Chapel of Melbourne, FL was informed of a code restriction regarding the lighting in the sanctuary of their soon to be built Viera campus.


Meet Frank Santora


Much is made of the notion that the New England portion of the country is not


When software can help smooth out crooked paths


In scripture, the concept of making things easier, safer and generally better is often captured with the image of making straight paths for your feet


The ‘new old’ bring much to the church, but often aren’t noticed


Amy Hanson was 23 years old when she was offered a new job at megachurch Central Christian Church in Las Vegas — to head up the active adult (50-plus) ministries of that congregation. She served in the role for five years before moving to Nebraska to complete her doctorate in gerontology.


Three values that build the magnetic force of a great church


There are some emerging patterns in churches with momentum, that are worth paying attention to. After more than seven years of working with church leadership teams, as well as doing focus groups with attendees, here are three values that seem to be responsible for much of the growth and magnetic force we see.


Individual gifts help mine the true story of who we really are


We’ve all had the experience at least once in our lives where we’ve sat down with a good friend and found ourselves halfway through the conversation saying, “I never knew that about you.” As individuals, we are all blessed with unique compositions and stories. The way we see and experience the world varies greatly, but most of the time, when we run across acquaintances and even friends, we find ourselves only knowing the surface story — mom and school teacher; father and CEO; student and athlete. Rarely do we mine the true story of who they really are.