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Capital campaign or bond issue: Which is the best for you?


So you have a project to fund! You may be asking yourself which is better, a capital campaign or a bond issue? I have survived both, and the answer is either one. I am sorry to say it is not one or the other, but each option has its strengths and weaknesses, and relying on only one could put the funding of your project in jeopardy or kill it entirely. I’ve learned a few lessons in the school of hard knocks that I hope will help you in the evaluation of which will serve your needs better. In 2008 our church started our building project with a capital campaign because we understood it, had seen good outcomes elsewhere, and felt comfortable with the process. When we completed it, however, we received commitments for about half of what we expected and still needed yet another solution to entice the lenders.


Make seating in your church a comfortable event

The mind can absorb only as much as the seat can endure, so you should be using the “butt test.”


Unified budget provides focus in a post-campaign year

Long Hollow Baptist Church has been in a continual season of capital campaign giving for the last 10 years.


Who is Dudley Rutherford?


Shepherd of the Hills is known as one of the most


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