Mission: a youth community

The open-concept gaming / café / lounge area at Rhema Bible Church (RBC) in Broken Arrow, OK

The new facility at Rhema Bible Church will foster authentic connections through thoughtful, relevant design.


Investing in the next generation — by design

“The Garage” at First Baptist Church in Powder Springs, GA (Photo courtesy of CDH Partners)

By Paulla Shetterly Some among the next generation of believers have become disillusioned with the traditional worship environment. Because of this, we, as designers, have had to rethink how we address the needs of today’s culture without repositioning the timeless truths of the church. It’s a tactical process often involving theming worship and student environments. […]


Carpets have come a long way under foot


Today’s carpet can be made from recycled materials, and are readily recycled at the end of their lifespan.


Making the worship seating investment


Ask the right questions to make an informed decision.


Green construction elements


Showcasing eco-friendly components in your new-build project conveys good stewardship — financial and environmental.


Preventing foodborne illnesses


Of all the liabilities that can derail a church’s food ministry, a foodborne illness is one of the quickest. “All you need to do is Google ‘church foodborne illness’ to know that,” asserts Marcus White, director of hospitality at First Baptist Church Orlando and executive director of Global Association of Christian Hospitality Professionals (GACHP). “Even […]


Handle with care

The 37,500-square-foot 
commercial kitchen at Hope Baptist Church in 
Toledo, OH, includes a three-compartment sink, ansul hood and gas ranges.

Whether they’re subject to regular inspections or not, church kitchens should incorporate a safety program into their operation and follow a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan. Pamela Goldstein, vice president of operations at Nevada-based Humidity Control Systems — maker of CoolerKING, an all-natural mineral filter — also recommends that a certified food […]


What to expect IF you’re inspected

Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA (Photo provided by CDH Partners, Inc.)

Generally speaking, if a church cooks for and sells food to the public, it’s subject to regular inspections from the state health department — once or twice a year, typically. The number of meals served, and how often, are two more factors in the frequency of required inspections. “In some states, churches are exempt from […]


A few words about ovens

The large commercial kitchen at the Oklahoma Assembly of God Camp in Sparks, OK, is equipped to serve 1,000 people three meals a day. (Photo provided by Churches by Daniels)

As with any kitchen, the oven is the heart of a commercial-grade operation. Because it’s such a big investment — in terms of ministry and money — design experts recommend thinking “outside the box” about some advanced, cost-saving options. One type of oven — the Rational cooking center — has earned a resounding endorsement from […]


From disaster comes opportunity

After 20,000 feet of space in an Oklahoma church was flooded, leaders embraced the chance to renovate for maximum ministry.