Engaging Spaces: Engaging from the get-go


For a church’s design to be effective, it must be engaging — beginning the moment someone walks through the door.


Award-winning multi-site staff management

Basic RGB

Grace Fellowship Church has launched three multi-site campuses in the past five years. This process has involved two capital campaigns, vision-casting, site identification, site development and leadership training. Here, Pastor of Business Administration Bill Minchin talks about these developments.


Church construction — where do I begin?


To approve a loan, the bank wants to know the project’s cost. But, to get the cost from a builder, you need a design. And to get a design, you need an architect. And to pay an architect, you need money from the bank!
So, who do you call first? And does it matter which builder, architect or bank you call?


Engaging families — by design


Among forward-thinking church leaders, accommodating families is a top-of-mind priority.


Mission: a youth community

The open-concept gaming / café / lounge area at Rhema Bible Church (RBC) in Broken Arrow, OK

The new facility at Rhema Bible Church will foster authentic connections through thoughtful, relevant design.


Investing in the next generation — by design

“The Garage” at First Baptist Church in Powder Springs, GA (Photo courtesy of CDH Partners)

By Paulla Shetterly Some among the next generation of believers have become disillusioned with the traditional worship environment. Because of this, we, as designers, have had to rethink how we address the needs of today’s culture without repositioning the timeless truths of the church. It’s a tactical process often involving theming worship and student environments. […]


Carpets have come a long way under foot


Today’s carpet can be made from recycled materials, and are readily recycled at the end of their lifespan.


Making the worship seating investment


Ask the right questions to make an informed decision.


Green construction elements


Showcasing eco-friendly components in your new-build project conveys good stewardship — financial and environmental.


Preventing foodborne illnesses


Of all the liabilities that can derail a church’s food ministry, a foodborne illness is one of the quickest. “All you need to do is Google ‘church foodborne illness’ to know that,” asserts Marcus White, director of hospitality at First Baptist Church Orlando and executive director of Global Association of Christian Hospitality Professionals (GACHP). “Even […]