The emerging megapolitan church


The urbanization of America calls for congregations that can respond to dramatic demographic shifts.


Making Mergers succeed


Making the case for church mergers as a viable option for impact and revitalization.


Church interrupted

When business of the church is interrupted


Learning from each other


Most churches in America average less than 100 in attendance


Youth center brings the ‘wow’ factor

A former injection molding plant is turned into a unique gathering place for young people.


Bell tower embellishes a great cathedral

Carillon of 23 bells plays automatically by a computerized system with more than 500 songs in its library.


Ask any pastor’s wife what her life is like in the church

Church is not always safe for the wife of the pastor.


Beyond Hollywood: Developing strategic partnerships for Christ


By now I’m relatively familiar with Hollywood. Entertainment’s hub and hometown is just up the I-5 freeway from Friends Church in Orange County, CA where I serve as teaching pastor. In October of 2010 my wife Tammy and I began to minister to a group of Christian entertainment professionals. Since founding their group, {l.a.}god, they have been able to disciple an ever-growing collection of people united in filling a void where they saw a “lack of much needed mentorship and protection from the hazards of the entertainment industry.” Out of {l.a.}god’s mass of talent was born a Christian music label, {l.a.}godMusic, whose namesake band released their debut album Shake the Earth in November 2011.


Use video to paint your sanctuary walls

Coppell, TX Baptist church uses environmental projection to tell visual stories during services.


Oregon congregation secures the finest piano available to enhance music ministry

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Salem, OR, has become the first church and the third institution in the United States to purchase the acclaimed Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano.