How does that sit with you?


Spaghetti stains are one factor deciding whether it’s chairs or pews in the worship center.


Rebuilding the church 
on its ancient foundations


Church leaders are turning back to inner cities and building urban churches with missional zeal.


Cultivating ‘radical generosity’ in a crazy economy

Nestled in South Florida’s sun-drenched Fort Lauderdale area, Church by the Glades had two problems as it headed into the year 2008. One of the challenges was the kind of issue most pastors would love to face. The other problem was much less desirable.


Contemporary American innovation, with a Korean interpretation

Inspiration for innovation can come from unexpected places. For a South Korean congregation, the spark for innovation was fueled by leading American churches’ missional architecture.


Churches let their light shine for effective services

Lighting designers share tips for achieving an inviting and purposeful worship space. By Robert Shook and Michael White The spiritual connection between light and faith begins with the images called to mind by the familiar passage of Genesis: Let there be light. Light is used in many passages in the Bible to express the spirit […]


When the drums are too loud, put a lid on them

Many churches use drums as part of their worship bands to add excitement to the service and help increase teenage and young adult participation. Unfortunately, most houses of worship were not designed for these loud percussive instruments and the result is excessive volume levels and unintelligible vocals.


When church aesthetics mean more than just a pretty space

Changes in our culture, technology, and even the global influences around us all, generate a deeper level of thought as ministry spaces are designed for today’s church-goers. The design team, architect and owner should push and pursue a higher relational and experiential aspect for spaces where ministry occurs.


Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, AR.


An Arkansas church creates a multi-venue campus with several worship centers for specific groups.