The CE Interview: MATT CHANDLER — The Intentional Builder


There’s a sense of newness one can quickly surmise about Matt Chandler: a new urgency to preach the gospel in the aftermath of a victorious but very difficult bout with cancer; a back-to-the-roots commitment to planting healthy churches following his recent appointment as president of Acts 29 Network; and a rising influence as a young church leader.


The CE Interview: MARI BETH POOR — finding solutions by serving


As iServe pastor, Mari Beth Poor oversees the “on the mountain” ministries that enhance the overall experience of people attending Sunday worship services at Mountaintop Community Church. These include guest services, student ministries, children’s ministry, and worship and media. She also leads the church’s “off the mountain” community efforts and global outreach.


Aligning budget with vision


In 2002, Christina Borja accepted an office manager job at National Community Church (NCC) thinking she’d keep at it for six months to a year. But the position developed and soon she was helping lead pastor Mark Batterson with the books. Under her financial leadership, NCC’s annual budget has grown from $200,000 in 2004 to $7.3 million this year.


Building a better church


The No. 2 chair at the 24,000-strong Willow Creek Community Church belongs to Heather Larson


Purveyor of worship and discipleship


The CE Interview: Ross Parsley  |  Lead Pastor  |  ONEchapel  |  Austin, TX By Rez Gopez-Sindac First-time church planter Ross Parsley is building a community of believers on the true foundation of worship — meaning, he says, reaching out to the weak, the unchurched and the disenfranchised and nursing them back to health. “We want […]


Chris Gunnare: five-star leadership


From hotel management to church leadership, 41-year-old Chris Gunnare proves that when it comes to running a successful operation, never underestimate the power of customer care.


A Voice for the Emerging Generation


Since 2011, John Mark Comer, 33, has been the lead pastor of Bridgetown


Gunnar Johnson stewardship evangelist


In 1999, Gunnar Johnson was a frustrated entrepreneur owing $88,000 in consumer debt and headed fast toward a financial cliff.


Charles Jenkins: transformational leader


At 24, Charles Jenkins took up the pastoral reins of Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church (Fellowship Chicago) following the retirement in December 2000 of its legendary founding pastor the Rev. Clay Evans, who served the church for 50 years.


Leading by serving


For the first 35 years of his life, Sutton Turner worshiped many things — toys, money, cars, career, real estate.