12th Annual XP-Seminar / Dallas, Texas / February 17-18, 2016

12th Annual XP-Seminar Dallas, Texas February 17-18, 2016 Featuring Mel McGowan From the Magic Kingdom: Lessons Learned from Disney Dr. Paul Utnage — Survival Skills for Managing Moral Failures Bruce Woody AIA — Golden Buildings Senior Pastor Jon Platek — The New Guy in Town Senior Pastor Mike Erre — The Constant of Change David […]


2 key filters for evaluating senior leaders you don’t know

Perhaps you’ve noticed, but a few people are beginning to campaign for the presidential election in 2016. Ultimately, the field will narrow to two (maybe three). I’m not a political junkie, but I try to pay attention to someone who might end up leading my country.


Healthy church members: how they help create (and grow) healthy churches

Just as every pastor should be concerned about church health, every true believer should be interested as well in how to be a “healthy church member.” As we focused on the local church in the last blog, I thought I would address the topic as well from a local church perspective.


CAPITAL PLANS 101: What they are. Why you need one.

“We’re an old church; we just replace things when they break.”

This is the common response when I ask church leaders throughout the nation about their long-term capital planning strategy. While this statement might be true for many worship facilities, for many years, that doesn’t mean it’s the wisest form of stewardship for a church’s physical assets.


Making the MDiv personal

By design, MDiv degrees develop competency in ministry skills. That’s a given.
But, at Ashland Theological Seminary, the process starts, continues — and concludes — with an emphasis on personal formation, as well.


Desperately needed: pastors who know the Bible and theology

While no one model for the “ideal pastor” exists, the work of pastors can be divided into three broad categories: (1) ministering the Word, (2) pastoral care, and (3) administration.


Author, Pastor Mark Batterson & the secrets of pursuing “God-sized dreams”

New York Times best-selling author and Regent alumnus Mark Batterson ’12 (Divinity) believes in dreaming big and praying bold prayers.
It is a principle that he explored in his popular book The Circle Maker, and one that has guided his ministry for the last 18 years. As lead pastor of National Community Church (NCC) in Washington, D.C., his God-sized dreams have resulted in a vast ministry reaching thousands.


Church cafés: best practices: purchasing and supplies


Tried-and-true strategies for keeping café costs in check


Step up your streaming game


From newbie to pro, here’s some equipment advice from the experts


How to avoid cost overruns: tried-and-true strategies


Often, when a church decides it wants to build, the first step is to get a set of plans designed and then bid out with several contractors. Nearly every month, we encounter churches where — after bidding the plans — the project is over budget and cannot be completed.

Other church leaders tell us their buildings were built using this process … and yet they ended up spending a significant amount more than the contractor’s original bid.

You might ask how this could happen. The answer: cost overrun.