Why we need more women in high-capacity leadership roles


At the opening session of the recently concluded Global Leadership Summit, Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, gave a big shout-out to Willow’s executive pastor, Heather Larson.


The risk is real

A simple Google News search for “child sexual abuse in the church” yields 27 pages of results … and that’s just the headlines from the past 30 days. This reality stands in stark contrast to a mindset which experts agree pervades too many churches: It can’t happen here. Given the gravity of what’s at stake, […]


4, 3, 2, 1 …

Group of Multiethnic People Using Digital Devices

As I write this, the Church Executive team and I are in the final days leading up to the 2014 National Association of Church Business Administration Conference in Orlando, FL.


How to deal with the media if your church is in crisis


Since starting on the launch team of this magazine in 2001, I’ve met and interviewed many church leaders who granted me generous grace and support.


Retirement planning and its impact on your church’s future


By Rez Gopez-Sindac Recently, I went to a home improvement retail store and was greeted warmly by an employee who, in my estimation, couldn’t have been younger than 70. I told him I came to buy a water dispenser. He said he knew exactly where to find it and motioned me to follow him. But, […]


Of clones and unicorns: Some thoughts on succession


I was an eager beaver new believer.


Cancel, Create, Cultivate


2014 is upon us. In the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions, I asked some of our Church Executive readers what changes they would make to improve how they do church. Specifically, I asked them to name the programs or activities that they would create, cancel, or take to the next level starting this year. […]


Stewardship as worship


Welcome to Church Executive’s second annual Good Steward Awards!


When hiring externally makes more sense


When filling a key leadership position at your church, my guess is many of you might prefer hiring an insider first.


What do we do with Luke?


That’s the question Dr. Aubrey Malphurs throws at pastors who get upset when he talks about Luke’s “theology of numbers.”