Continuing education options for busy pastors–new eBook available


Discover how an advanced-degree can prepare you to lead your church more effectively. From Christian leadership, to urban and cross-cultural ministry and beyond, this eBook can open the door to various fields in Christian ministry.


So you want to be a great boss? 4 tips


Here are 4 keys to being the best boss you can be. These keys apply to parents and coaches, as well.


What to expect if you’re a church’s first Millennial pastor


A big wave is coming towards the church. It’s the swell of retiring Boomer pastors. Most Boomer pastors are currently between the ages of 50 and 68. They won’t all retire at once, so this wave won’t crash into the church like a tsunami. However, I don’t believe the North American church is prepared to replace these pastors.


Never Again: The Little Things Really Do Count


When it comes to risk management, a few extra steps — literally — can prevent a tragedy.


Business training for pastors is gaining ground


“A church isn’t a business. But, running one does require some business management techniques.”


Fighting fear with faith


“Our Journey of Hope” — a vital new program from Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) — equips pastors to minister to members with cancer.


Radical turnarounds are made of these


Trust, confidence, leadership – but the greatest is vision.


What can churches learn from hospitality field?


Know your target, put metrics in place, and push the envelope are just a few lessons.


Leadership systems are in motion in large churches


Every leadership system has a capacity limit, a point beyond which it can no longer effectively function. When the activity level of the congregation significantly increases or decreases, leadership systems hit their limits. A senior clergyperson assumes a particular leadership role that is highly effective in a church with weekend worship attendance of 700. The clergyperson is surprised to discover that the leadership role begins losing its effectiveness when the church adds an additional worship service and now hosts 850 in weekend worship.


New year brings renewed Bible engagement


There’s a renewed focus on the Bible in churches these days, as biblical literacy is making a comeback in congregations and publishing houses in the U.S. “What’s really encouraging to me is that deep Bible engagement within the congregation is eminently doable,” says Paul Caminiti, vice president of church and Bible engagement for the publishing firm Biblica. “But people today realize that we’re in trouble and that we’ve not given the Bible its due,” says Caminiti, himself an expert in this area. “There really is a Bible engagement vacuum in the church. I’ve watched lives transformed when pastors treat Bible engagement like a varsity sport. I’ve watched congregations transformed when instead of little camp fires, a big Bible engagement bonfire is built in the middle of the church.