Church management software (ChMS): where ministry meets monetary — new eBook available


In some ways, churches must run like businesses. However, houses of worship have specific needs that secular accounting software just can’t accommodate. In this insightful new eBook, ChMS expert Michael Jordan talks about those unique needs — and how the right ChMS meets them. Download this eBook now! And, keep an eye on your inbox for additional chapters, from giving / donation tools to first-time visitor engagement.


Judicial Watch sues Internal Revenue Service for records about IRS monitoring of churches

July lawsuit settlement with atheist group, IRS admits monitoring churches for allegedly illegal political activity


WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Church payroll and tax laws


What you need to know now


Benevolence: The right help given the right way


Churches are in the charity business.


Health care reform impacts churches as employers


As employers, churches are significantly affected by the new health care reform legislation.


Does the church bake sale threaten your tax-exempt status?

In this modern era, many churches are offering more and more services to its congregants to attract new members, retain established members and create revenue to operate the church or fund its programs. Common examples may include a bookstore or coffee bar. As a general rule, a church is not taxed on its income or revenues from an activity that is substantially related to the religious or charitable purposes of the organization.


Save expenses with Accountable Reimbursement Plans

How important to a church is having an Accountable Reimbursement Plan (ARP)? With an ARP, expense reimbursements and advances are not reported as wages and are exempt from withholding and employment taxes. Without an ARP, reimbursed expenses, even when legitimate, must be reported as wages and are subject to withholding and employment taxes.


A written policy for benevolence 
maintains records, protects the church

Churches often maintain benevolence funds to assist needy individuals in times of financial crisis. However, these churches may not have enough structure in place to provide essential direction and documentation.


Church legal challenge: Civil disobedience or violation of law?

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), an advocacy and action alliance group in Scottsdale, AZ, which has the stated purpose of defending religious freedom, sponsored a project to challenge the 54-year-old ban on churches being allowed to participate in political activities.