Israel: faith-based travel tips & recommended sites


There’s a reason 2014 was the best year ever for North American travel to Israel: It isn’t a trip — it’s a spiritual experience. This surprising country promises a range of unique experiences which people of faith can only experience in Israel. And, thanks to several extremely traveler-friendly traits, it’s well within reach.


Safety Strategies: The vast frontier — and associated risks

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In a smaller, more technological world, we can’t afford to underestimate proactive, collaborative safety and risk management strategies. The Ebola crisis has all of us thinking differently, for the time being. Unfortunately, our sensitizing is hard to sustain with so much information hitting our radar screens.


Protestants discover Italy provides connection to faith


Pilgrims are moved by the conviction of roman martyrs and the beauty of Italy’s Basilicas.


Pilgrimage redefines understanding of miracles


As our plane gently nestled into the landing strip at Lourdes, we found ourselves surrounded by emerald green mountains, a fairytale village and smiling faces. Our earlier worries and fears lightened as we were greeted by the noble Knights and Dames of Malta on our journey of hope and faith.


Getting to know the land they love


The Israel Ministry of Tourism once again invites a group of megachurch pastors on an educational tour.


Megachurch pastors are transformed in Israel


“I never realized how significant a trip to Israel could be” was the universal response of the pastors and wives sitting around a table at the Scots Hotel near the Sea of Galilee. These individuals were the second group of megachurch leaders to be hosted by the Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT) in a new initiative to encourage every megachurch pastor in the United States to have a personal Israel experience.


First Christian country?


Unknown to most, Armenia is considered to be the first Christian country by historians. It is one of the few countries in the world that was evangelized by two of Jesus’ apostles.