The stewardship of space

Common sense and economics dictate that if you can make better use of your church’s existing multipurpose space, you can avoid costly building programs. The result is more money to fund your growing ministries.


How notification technology can deliver the Good News this Christmas season

chirstmas packages

The Christmas season brings with it so much opportunity for warmth, fellowship and holiness. It also presents a host of other challenges for a church — sudden shortages of time, random acts of weather, a flurry of liturgical and other activities that fill your schedule, and sometimes the sniffles (or worse).
One of the ways you can leverage your and your staff’s time is by looking for tools and systems that are natural “multipliers” — including notification technology.


Award-winning multi-site staff management

Basic RGB

Grace Fellowship Church has launched three multi-site campuses in the past five years. This process has involved two capital campaigns, vision-casting, site identification, site development and leadership training. Here, Pastor of Business Administration Bill Minchin talks about these developments.


Church construction — where do I begin?


To approve a loan, the bank wants to know the project’s cost. But, to get the cost from a builder, you need a design. And to get a design, you need an architect. And to pay an architect, you need money from the bank!
So, who do you call first? And does it matter which builder, architect or bank you call?


Moving beyond the school bus


The most important factors to keep in mind — and questions to ask yourself — when looking for transportation for your congregation


Tech beyond Sunday


No one in the church knows the power of technology better than a multisite pastor.


Good Steward Award: Leadership (Innovative Outreach)


First Congregational Church of Rockport (Rockport, MA)


4 keys to multi-site technical consistency


Admittedly, I was quite opposed to the multi-site video model of doing church — initially.


Geography matter!

Using Routes to show neighborhoods and commonly used roads.

How to plan for multisite expansion using analytics and data


Multisite strategies — ensuring consistency

Pastor Don Wilson at the Scottsdale, AZ campus of Christ Church of the Valley

How to reproduce ministry best practices — consistently — across multiple locations