Q & A: multi-site solutions


A church construction expert weighs in on what to buy, build or renovate for maximum ministry.


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Making church more accessible


Willow Creek Community Church reaches more people with strategic regional campuses.


Misplaced perceptions of multi-site ministry


What are multi-site churches thinking today? When the multi-site movement emerged, it really made a lot


Make sure your Web site is multi-site friendly


With the multi-site church revolution in full swing across America, much attention is paid to video venues, program development and community outreach. An equal or greater amount of attention, however, should be paid to the digital communications strategy. Whether or not your church is offering its own live video streaming or “Internet Campus” experience, running a Web site for multiple locations is a much different challenge than that of a single-site church.


Multi-site began as a radical idea, now has become a proven strategy

Going multi-site is not for every church. It will not turn around a sick or dying church, but it can be an instrument to extend a healthy one. Multi-site is not a growth engine, but can be a vehicle for a growing church. Multi-site is not a fad to jump on, but it has become a proven strategy to reproduce healthy, fruitful, growing churches.


Sometimes becoming multi-site is more accidental than planned

The multi-site paradigm has become a mainstay in conversations about the church. The multi-site church takes many forms, and numerous models are used. At the core of the movement is the principle that geography does not limit a single local church.


An effective multi-site ministry calls for intentional analysis

Many large and growing congregations often think seriously about starting regional branches of their churches to spread the Christian message. The multi-site church trend has proven very rewarding for some churches, but not without each church backing up the fervor underlying it with a wise analysis and decision-making process.