Protecting children in the church: background check myths

Background screening employees and volunteers is the most effective tool for keeping congregations safe. Yet, most ministries make major mistakes when implementing background check procedures.


Policies and parameters: How to protect your church before tragedy strikes

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“[I]t wasn’t what occurred during the hiring process that put the children and church at risk; it was what didn’t occur after.”


Appropriate boundaries for a healthy relationship with children


We frequently ask ourselves questions such as, “What’s an acceptable way to show affection to youth in my care?” or “How should I react if a child runs up for a hug?”
These are important questions, because boundaries promote a lifetime of healthy relationships.


Expanding abuse reporting requirements: Texas, South Carolina, Colorado and National Trends


Legislative changes to child abuse reporting statutes can significantly impact daily operations of these organizations. Leadership must stay abreast of statutory changes in abuse reporting requirements.


Never Again: The Little Things Really Do Count


When it comes to risk management, a few extra steps — literally — can prevent a tragedy.


Criminal background checks: top 5 questions


Criminal background checks can deter those with bad intent from having quick and easy access to children, reveal crimes in a candidate’s past that would make him or her unsuitable, and demonstrate that the church is exercising due diligence.


Screening staff and volunteers


Religious organizations are a community within themselves, built on faith and trust.


Background checks and credit reports make for good employees


A growing number of small businesses — and churches are among them — are looking to rebuild their work force as the economy continues its long ascent from the prolonged recession.


Enemy in the castle

For years now, I’ve looked on as wary church leaders and their tech gurus waged an endless war on the growing threat that Internet pornography represents to their congregations.


Biometric recognition systems may be just what God had in mind

Most people attend church events and services to identify with God, not with their fingerprint. But as new technology progresses and the pace of the world quickens, many “pen and paper” check-in methods have become obsolete, tossed aside as cumbersome and inefficient. In fact, using old check-in systems could be costing you money and lowering the safety of those participating in your church programs.