Policies and parameters: How to protect your church before tragedy strikes

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“[I]t wasn’t what occurred during the hiring process that put the children and church at risk; it was what didn’t occur after.”


4 practical ways churches can reduce their cyber risk

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In recent years, discussions about data breaches with my church and nonprofit clients have moved from “what-if’s” to, “This just happened to one of my clients.” Cyber Liability insurance is no longer a coverage that is nice to have; it’s saving organizations money, time and reputations.


Unregulated security solutions pose danger to schools


Schools are facing increasing pressure from school boards, parents and communities to address security vulnerabilities. That pressure is ramped up every time there is a school shooting.

In many ways, this pressure is a positive catalyst that nudges schools to take steps to reduce their safety and security risks. However, as with
most kinds of pressure, it can lead administrators to make desperate moves in order to appease stakeholders, especially when faced with significant obstacles like funding.


Preventing arson: Is your church vulnerable?


According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), arson is the leading cause of fires in the United States, resulting in more than $1 billion in property loss each year. USFA recently reported that approximately 30,500 intentional structural fires occurred over the last year. By nature, places of worship are often easy targets for arsonists. Here’s how to protect your church.


Fires and substantial loss: how to ensure you’re insured

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Every day, five churches are damaged by fire in the United States. At that rate, a church in your state would catch fire every 10 days! It happened 1,800 times last year, causing more than $98 million in damages to religious properties.
When was the last time you and your senior staff sat down and considered a contingency plan for a fire which seriously damages your church?


Screening staff and volunteers


Religious organizations are a community within themselves, built on faith and trust.


Case study: megachurch policy review


Just because a church is big, doesn’t mean its cyber risks are covered


Cybercrime: not just a “big business” concern


Cyber criminals are turning their attention to easy targets — including religious organizations.


Good Steward Award Winner: Safety & Security / Risk Management


Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, TX, has 125 volunteers in its usher/sentinel ministry that assist in services and events.


Good Steward Awards 2013


Good Steward Awards 2013: Technology SPECIAL NEEDS: Grace Church (Eden Prairie, MN) GIVING SOLUTIONS: Shore Fellowship (Egg Harbor Twp, NJ)   Good Steward Awards 2013: Leadership MULTI-SITE STAFF MANAGEMENT: First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach (West Palm Beach, FL) Grace Fellowship Church (Latham, NY) INNOVATIVE OUTREACH: First Mount Zion Baptist Church (Dumfries, VA) First […]