Best practices: integrating hearing accessibility into your church culture

Like a beautiful painting or a touching melody, the spoken word has the power to move us in profound ways. It can give comfort in times of need or spark the imagination with new ideas. But, for too many — due to hearing loss — the spoken word is often beyond reach.


Connecting congregants to inspiration with assistive listening

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Congregants attend their houses of worship for many different reasons. Some find inspiration from the messages and music they hear, and others enjoy connecting with the community. Whatever the reason, if they can’t hear the messages that inspire them — or if they lose the feeling of connection they get with fellow congregants because they can’t participate in conversations — they might stop attending.


Welcome to worship: how to recognize hearing loss — and provide solutions


Those among us who have it, often prefer to try to cope with it, live with it, or hide it from others. And yet, this so-called invisible disability affects about 20 percent of American adults! This means that potentially, one out of five of congregants are not hearing messages and music that inspire them each week in your house of worship.


Achieving Accessible, Inclusive Churches

(left to right) Larry Nelson, Steve Anderson, Maile Keone, Dan van Goidtsnoven, Rev. Lewis Groce

Achieving Accessible, Inclusive Churches Highlights from a Church Executive panel discussion on accommodating worshipers with hearing loss By RaeAnn Slaybaugh Recently, Church Executive led a live panel discussion to examine the risks churches face by failing to provide a welcoming, inclusive worship experience for all — including worshipers with hearing loss. Here are some highlights […]