WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Acoustics 101

What pastors need to know about how acoustics supports the spoken word


I repeat myself


The cancellation or reinforcement in various sound frequency ranges is a function of the distance from the sound source to the room walls.



Faith Presbyterian Church in Cape Coral, FL, recently expanded its sanctuary and updated its audio system. The church also expanded its stage lighting and added projection. 

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How one church (successfully) updated its technology and improved the worship experience.


Case study: Ohio church upgrades its digital system


By Lisa Young The main auditorium at Naz Church in Grove City, OH, seats about 2,800 and has a congregation of 3,000. The church recently installed two Yamaha CL Series Digital Audio Consoles — a CL5 at front of house and a CL1 at monitors — as well as eight Rio input/output boxes: two Rio3224-D, […]


Need an acoustical intervention?

Originally designed as acoustical wall panels for custom field painting, Tone Tiles™ are now 
available in larger sizes that mimic drywall but absorb sound rather than reflecting echoes back into a room. 

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Acoustics First 

By Nick Colleran and Jim DeGrandis The No. 1 cause of poor sound in a large space is inappropriate reverb time, or RT60 — the time it takes for sound to fully decay, 60 decibels down, from its initial impact. While a large, open hall might enhance a traditional choir and blend or average pitch, […]


Is your space music-friendly — by design?


Simple strategies to make it so


Good Steward Awards 2013: Technology (Special Needs)

Grace Church (Eden Prairie, MN)


Sanctuary Acoustics FAQs

Just about every worship space has “acoustical culprits” — under-the-radar elements which rob this critical venue of its sound clarity. We asked Nick Colleran, vice president of Acoustics First Corporation in Richmond, VA, to navigate some of them for us.


Pastor mic selection 101

The best mic choice “speaks” to communication style, first.


Worship acoustics


How to ramp up sermon intelligibility and minimize background noise