Climate change: a better way to deal with bullying


Schools are understandably concerned about bullying. It can create a corrosive school environment, disrupt learning and have a long-term effect on everyone involved. Recent research shows that schools can help reduce the rate of bullying if they put students in a safe, connected environment that teaches them how to manage conflict and stand up for what’s right.


Who has time for online continuing education? (Surprise! It’s not who you think.)


By Shawn Hussey, Ph.D. “WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS?” It’s the frequent cry of anyone considering furthering his or her education. Today, there’s little doubt we’re being asked to do more and more with less and less time. Many of us operate in a state of perpetual time poverty, which makes fitting in a 45-minute […]


Regent University’s Pastoral Leadership Institute — Featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes

Continuing education options Q: One of the session topics within the “Leadership and the Business of Church Administration” tract is “Leadership v. Management.” What are the key differences between church leadership and church management? Cenac: Leadership involves casting a vision for the church and ministry leaders to follow in fulfilling the Great Commission. This might […]


Considering online education?


3 students share their experiences — and what you can expect.


All things being equal …

Online education is worth considering for pastors and other church staff


Virtually known

For church executives who are considering continuing education, the value of relationships can’t be overestimated — not only between them and those to whom they minster, but also with their educators. And herein lies the biggest question many potential students have about an online study model: Can it truly be as personal as in-class coursework? […]


Learning by heart


More and more church leaders are discovering how (surprisingly) personal online education can be.


The Master of Divinity degree: past, present and future


The year was 1975. The Master of Divinity (MDiv) choices I had were one-size-fits-all, with only the “big three” main Christian education, preaching and evangelism options. All were offered on campus, and only during the day.


The state of theological education in leadership and business


While church business management training has increasingly become part of MDiv curricula, the need isn’t entirely met — yet.


Graduate education empowers pastors


Knowledge gained boosts confidence, creativity and ability to think strategically.