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BCWI announces 2015 Best Christian Workplaces »

This year’s 2015 Best Christian Workplaces list identifies organizations where employees experience healthy, even flourishing workplace cultures. The employees in these organizations find the work they do to be so meaningful and transformational they are willing to go the extra mile. The rich day-to-day relationships and fellowship experienced…

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Expanding abuse reporting requirements: Texas, South Carolina, Colorado and National Trends »

Legislative changes to child abuse reporting statutes can significantly impact daily operations of these organizations. Leadership must stay abreast of statutory changes in abuse reporting requirements.…

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So you want to be a great boss? 4 tips »

Here are 4 keys to being the best boss you can be. These keys apply to parents and coaches, as well.…

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How not to be a leadership fad »

In the church, what works to grow a church today may not work in the future. You can be a popular leader, only to lose that popularity more quickly than Vanilla Ice dropped out of the mainstream.…

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Nun is named first female head of Catholic Charities USA »

A nun has been chosen as the next president of Catholic Charities USA, the first time that a woman will head the church’s main charitable arm in its 105-year history. Sister Donna Markham, a highly regarded Dominican who specializes in clinical psychology, will take over in June from the Rev.…

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Supreme Court weighs a church’s right to advertise services »

The Supreme Court on Monday (Jan. 12) considered a tiny church’s curbside sign in a case that could raise the bar on government regulation of speech, and make it easier for houses of worship to advertise their services. The Alliance Defending Freedom, the advocacy group that represents Pastor Clyde Reed…

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5 New Year’s resolutions for church leaders »

These are just five resolutions, and they may not be the right five for you, but they have worked for me. I find that I need to continually renew the resolutions from the past years, as some are just too important to forget. …

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Preventing arson: Is your church vulnerable? »

According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), arson is the leading cause of fires in the United States, resulting in more than $1 billion in property loss each year. USFA recently reported that approximately 30,500 intentional structural fires occurred over the last year. By nature, places of worship are often…

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January 27 special event in Texas aims to teach church leaders how to engage worshipers with hearing loss »

Did you know that one in five people in your congregation can’t hear the inspiring words and music that are shared each week in your house of worship? Ultimately, this leaves them feeling disconnected from the community. Many of these congregants have hearing aids -- but hearing aids are made…

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Software Update: The Elexio Mobile App »

Church mobile apps are becoming an integral part of the church experience in America. The Elexio Mobile App — which comes free with the Elexio’s Church Management software — is a connection tool for the outreach-oriented, discipleship-minded church. And it now includes mobile check-in! Here’s how it works: • Open…

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