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Use the power of the Web to keep members (and the church) more connected »

Let’s face it: most printed directories are out of date by the time congregations receives them. And really, with newer generations moving into a more technological world, churches need viable, simple ways to do the same. Enter: an online church directory.…

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New York Times best-selling author Dr. John Townsend to launch the Townsend Institute at Concordia University Irvine »

Partnership makes Concordia the only university in the nation to offer the Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling …

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7 key questions when evaluating a church software solution »

One of the challenges I have run into when selecting a software provider is the distraction of the new and shiny features, keeping me from selecting a solution that is the best fit for the organization. I have learned from my mistakes over the years, and I now have 7…

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Need camera equipment? 4 reasons renting might make sense »

By Meg Tetrault Renting camera equipment doesn’t make sense for every church — it’s something we’ve learned as a national rental company that ships gear directly to customers. For other churches, however — whether they’re just starting out in media or already managing a large-scale A/V ministry team — it…

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The Israel experience: SAFER than you might think »

A church leader taking members to Israel (or on any mission trip) will, appropriately, prioritize safety. To this end, there are some common misconceptions regarding travel to Israel. And no one knows these better than Denise Bossert, Public Relations Director, Midwest Region, for Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT). Bossert’s first…

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Bill Hybels: 5 essential skills EVERY leader must develop »

  “Leadership matters. Whether you lead a top-100 global business or a start-up with three employees; a multi-campus church or a tiny congregation that is the only beacon of light in its community; a team of creatives or a team of accountants; a project, a process, or the team of…

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How to use leadership restlessness »

Leadership restlessness is something most leaders feel — usually more often than not. It’s the nagging question that keeps you thinking ... what’s next? In the case of the church, this question can be corporate, meaning you’re thinking what’s next? for the entire congregation. This question can also be personal,…

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Best Christian Workplaces Institute announces 2016 honorees »

128 faith-based organizations and churches across the United States and around the globe have been named 2016 Certified Best Christian Workplaces by the Best Christian Workplaces Institute (BCWI). The honor offers convincing, continued evidence that a healthy, flourishing workplace culture makes for effective organizations. “Certified” status represents the top 51 percent…

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Don’t risk A LOT for a little! Focus on: risk retention »

Together in our journey to move “beyond insurance,” we have thus far examined the first two steps in that process: risk identification, analysis and evaluation, as well as risk avoidance. Now, we undertake the next step in our journey: risk retention.…

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Protecting your church’s right to religious expression »

Since the beginning of the United States, marriage has always been subject to detailed rules.…

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