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The dangers of envying another church »

In my sermon preparation, I tend to downplay or ignore the areas of which I am most guilty. It’s easier to skip over the personally convicting passages and focus on the sins of others. Of course, I must push through such temptations. I’m guilty of the sin of envy.…

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Israel: the planning process –10 tips for faith-based travelers »

Whether it’s your first trip to Israel or your tenth, one thing is certain: Planning well — in advance — is essential for a truly transformative experience in the Land of the Bible.…

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The Monday Rule »

The simple implementation of the Monday rule can change the climate of your church for the better significantly. …

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The Israel Experience: Closer Than You Think »

For people of faith, the appeal of a trip to Israel is timeless. To walk where Jesus walked, and to experience the Land of the Bible, is an experience like no other. It is also an unparalleled fellowship opportunity — a journey that can begin, for a church-based travel group, well…

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3 disciplines often missing from preaching today »

Through my interactions with other pastors, I have found there are many of us missing three disciplines in preaching. What are they?…

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Behind the loan application: what is the bank or credit union really looking for? »

Developing a strong and trusted relationship with your lender can provide your As your ministry looks to begin a relationship with a lender — or maybe improve an existing one — having insight into the mind of a lender will help you develop this vital partnership.…

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How to accommodate — and engage — kids in a multisite or portable church venue »

Creating an irresistible, welcoming environment for young families & their children is important for any church. For a church that meets in a rented facility, what else should be considered? …

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Take the long view »

When selecting portable room dividers, which components will deliver lasting, durable performance?…

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Online education for busy pastors »

How Villanova’s Center for Church Management & Business Ethics is making it easy for busy pastors and church leaders to continue their education.…

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Proactive & penny wise »

We counsel our house-of-worship clients to be proactive by preparing for the repair and replacement expenses that are both inevitable and predictable. But, we also counsel them to be wise.…

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