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Voices on Stewardship seeks to stop slide in church giving »

Voices on Stewardship -- a digital content channel that offers inspirational and educational resources to assist churches in developing sustainable ministries -- has added new contributors, conversations and materials designed to help increase generosity and address the downward trend in church giving.…

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2 keys to a unified multigenerational church »

On Sunday, I taught our new members class. It was a smaller class than usual, so I had time to converse a little more with those attending. One woman mentioned she had been a Christian for 75 years, almost to the day. The class took a moment to congratulate her.…

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Risk control: a key element for successful ministry »

Most recently in our series on moving “beyond insurance,” we examined Risk Retention. Now, we undertake the next step in our journey: Risk Control.…

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Tried-and-true maintenance best practices for portable room dividers »

Just about any church can make great use of portable room dividers. They can be a safe, cost-effective long-term investment… but only if you buy thoughtfully. The biggest mistake I see churches make is buying cheap. Here’s why that’s so risky.…

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5 ways to engage church visitors using church management software »

By Bill Gifford #1: Make a good first impression Oft, guests visit your website before even stepping foot in your church. Create a “New here?” tab that lists specifics: what to expect, where to park, worship times, and so on. Have an event calendar  clearly visible on your church website. Keep…

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Volunteer-friendly live streaming »

Streaming content is an incredibly powerful, relevant tool for outreach — one which transcends the boundaries of geography and time. However, not every church can devote a staff member to “owning” the streaming process; instead, many rely on volunteers. So, we must make sure the streaming setup is as user-friendly…

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7 strategies for dealing with sex offenders at your church »

If a sex offender wants to attend your church — or is already worshipping with you — how would you respond? Roll out the welcome mat? Exclude them entirely? Try to find middle ground? These are questions church leaders regularly face.…

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What makes curved pews so special? »

What attributes of a curved pew not only provide a place to sit during the sermon, but also enhance the experience? Why should you consider curved pews in your sanctuary? (And come to think of it, when did the use of curved pews begin?)…

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How do I find the right coach? »

Hiring a coach is a lot like making any other hire … but, it might be your most important hire. You must be wise with this hire! If you get it right, it won’t be an ‘expense’ — it will be an investment in your own growth and the growth…

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Refinancing — decoding the process »

Amortization. Balloon payment. Adjustable rate. Do these terms have you feeling like Dorothy in Oz? (“Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!”)…

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