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How to engage first-time givers — new eBook Available »

In an insightful new eBook, "Creating a Culture of Generosity" series author Derek Gillette discusses how church leaders can engage and connect with these unique givers -- in a way that builds a long-term relationship.…

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How to make a sound (system) investment — new eBook Available »

Few things are more critical than hearing the Word. A service that fails to communicate and inspire will not keep its congregation for long. In this valuable new eBook, series authors Rik Kirby and Daniel Keller help you make a sound decision when it comes to an integrated audio system…

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How to avoid “the money pit” when purchasing a church facility »

A litany of items must be explored and navigated by any church looking to acquire another facility. Be careful to not get too excited about the “deal” that you do not perform adequate due diligence. The time, energy and/or money invested will be worth every dime and minute.…

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Financial planning for clergy and church administrators: upcoming webinars »

The statistics on Americans and retirement planning are staggering. More than half of us do not know how much we will need to live a comfortable retirement, and 60 percent have saved less than $25,000. For clergy, the economics of retirement can be even more challenging.…

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The difference between a “can do” church and a “can’t do” church »

Every church also faces obstacles. What is the difference between churches that approach obstacles with a “can do” attitude over others that have a “can’t do” attitude? What makes a church have a lively optimism over a dead pessimism?…

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3 shades of leadership grey »

There are 2 types of people in the world -- rule-breakers and rule-keepers. I admit that I am a rule-keeper. There, I said it. As such, you might think that I am a black-and-white type of guy. The reality is that I’m not all that much. Here are 3 reasons…

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Kebony wood provides Swedish chapel with sleek, durable façade »

Earlier this month, Kebony wood unveiled its first completed project with ecclesiastical design. It was chosen as the material of choice to create a façade for a new chapel which opened last autumn in Mölndal, Sweden. European churches tend to use traditional building materials for posterity, permanence and durability, so…

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Church management software (ChMS): where ministry meets monetary — new eBook available »

In some ways, churches must run like businesses. However, houses of worship have specific needs that secular accounting software just can't accommodate. In this insightful new eBook, ChMS expert Michael Jordan talks about those unique needs -- and how the right ChMS meets them. Download this eBook now! And, keep…

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New eBook spotlights finances & administration — especially for church leaders »

In a valuable new eBook, "Finances & Administration for Church Leaders" Rev. Dr. Sara Day, CFP®, examines the value of a pastoral relations committee -- among the most effective methods for strengthening the lines of communication between the pastor and the congregation.…

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New eBook examines — in-depth — the “heart” of church design: the worship space »

Every church is different. Even so, one thing they all have in common is the desire to create a space that evokes and contributes to a person's worship experience. In this in-depth new eBook, "Designing Worship Spaces" series author Curtiss H. Doss, AIA -- who has designed for church clients…

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