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The happy debrief »

“So, how did the project / event go?” When we ask for feedback, what we really want to hear is all the good stuff — People loved it! We were under budget! Better than expected! That was freaking awesome, and I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you all…

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IRS agrees to monitor churches for electioneering »

  By Kimberly Winston RELIGION NEWS SERVICE (RNS) —The Internal Revenue Service said it will monitor churches and other houses of worship for electioneering in a settlement reached with an atheist group. The settlement was reached Friday (July 18) in federal court in Madison, WI, where the initial lawsuit was filed…

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Tweet it, post it, share it: What’s your church story? »

RELIGION NEWS SERVICE (RNS) / COLORADO SPRINGS, CO — Organizers of the international Back to Church Sunday® movement want to know: What’s your church story? How was your life blessed by your experiences at a church? For millions of people, church is where they learn about God. They have stories…

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Faith communities are dumping their fossil fuel investments »

By Lauren Markoe RELIGION NEWS SERVICE (RNS)— Worried about global warming, a growing number of churches and other faith groups are divesting their holdings in fossil fuel companies, which release large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Activists support fossil fuel divestment in front of…

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So your church members are wired. How do you organize all the social networking? »

Once social media becomes part of a church ministry, it can be overwhelming to manage.…

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Move over, smiley face: New religious emojis on the way »

(RNS) — In addition to smiley faces, high heels and frogs, Unicode is rolling out a new batch of 250 emojis,among them a set of religious icons. Unicode is the character coding system that gives a unique number for every character, allowing different companies to have access and the support…

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Why your church needs more (often) announcements in worship »

Most of us have entered the twilight zone of worship announcements at some point. A person approaches the pulpit with the same gait as one walking the plank. A piece of paper unfolds, multiple times. The throat clears … loudly. What follows is usually awkward, many times painful, and sometimes…

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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: See something — say something? »

We’ve all heard of the “See Something, Say SomethingTM” campaign. But, how does this concept apply in a house of worship?…

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Church Executive to debut new series — “Never Again” — in July / Aug 2014 issue »

PHOENIX —The July/Aug 2014 issue of Church Executive — mailing out July 23 — will debut “Never Again,” an insightful, practical new series brought to you by the experts at The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. — a recognized leader in risk management. In the first installment, President &…

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