The Israel experience: SAFER than you might think

A church leader taking members to Israel (or on any mission trip) will, appropriately, prioritize safety.

To this end, there are some common misconceptions regarding travel to Israel. And no one knows these better than Denise Bossert, Public Relations Director, Midwest Region, for Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT).

Bossert’s first trip to Israel came in 2014, as a journalist and guest of IMOT. She spent 10 days in-country. Though Bossert had worked as a writer and syndicated columnist for a decade, that trip was the beginning of the faith travel writing stage of her career.

Just six months later, she returned to Israel; she visited again last April. Last year was also when Bossert led her first faith-based tour group to Israel as an IMOT employee.

NEW-IMOT-CHAPTER_4 (2)Today, she has the opportunity to travel to Israel once or twice a year. It’s an excellent benefit because, as Bossert explains, “Israel has become my ultimate destination.”

In this latest chapter of the Faith-Based Travel: Israel eBook, Bossert takes an in-depth look at the fears — and the facts — surrounding travel to Israel, including:

  • Air travel safety
  • Security screening — what to expect
  • The surprisingly low crime rates throughout the country

PLUS! Q&A with Dr. Gary Frazier — a former pastor and founder of Dallas-based Discovery Missions International — who has traveled to Israel 187 times since 1971. He and his team have taken more than 1,800 pastors,  and thousands of believers,  to the Land of the Bible.

Frazier, too, sheds some light on common fears — and their realities.




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