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4 behaviors of second chair church leaders who think — and act — strategically

second chair

By Mike Bonem If you ask a second chair leader what he or she “does,” you might hear a long list of tasks. These include managing and developing staff, creating systems for more effective ministry, and working with leadership teams, along with a variety of special projects. But if you ask about their greatest contribution […]

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Removing the roadblocks to digital signage

digital signage

The top 6 challenges solved by using cloud-based digital signage By Kelly Harman Digital signage can add impact to your message — and ensure that your audience remembers it . From welcoming new visitors to your church, to requests for volunteers, to thanking donors and acknowledging esteemed guests, digital signage is the most effective way to have […]

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Church Trends and Statistics


What Americans look for in a new church A study conducted by Pew Research Center examines what Americans identify when choosing a new congregation — something that about half of adults do over the course of their lives. About one-third of adults identified relocation as their reason for looking for a new place to worship. […]

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Passing the ‘hot potato’ – Contractual Risk Transfer

Gärtner bei Gartenarbeit

By Michael J. Bemi Most recently in our series on moving “beyond insurance,” we examined Claims Management. Now, we undertake the next step in our journey: Contractual Risk Transfer. First, we acknowledge that since this series of articles moves us “beyond insurance,” this mandates some level of Risk Retention — a self-assumed level of loss […]

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Good governance = good giving

A clear financial plan, including a sound investment policy, protects a church, its ministries and its people from a potentially devastating financial misstep. However, did you know this same plan can actually drive better giving, too? John Regan, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at New York-based Permanens Capital, which counts among its clients several large churches […]

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Facility repurposing: financial pros & cons

Abandoned factory foundation renovation with parking spaces. Horizontal.

 By Kari Boyce Whether you’re a new church looking for a first home, a growing congregation needing a larger space to worship, or searching for a space for your exploding youth group to meet, there’s no denying one major trend for churches: facility repurposing. Churches across the country are taking advantage of vacant space that […]

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Creating a culture of generosity in a church plant


While many church plants are simply trying to make it week to week, Shoreline Church in Knoxville, Tenn., leveraged new ways of thinking to eliminate the guesswork for funding ministry. Through data & analytics, Shoreline developed a plan that resulted in a $653,000 one-day offering. It also laid the foundation for a culture of generosity. […]

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Starting a Christian school: best practices

By Darren Thompson & Richard Koon with Robert “Bo” Gutzwiller You might be successfully pastoring a church and thinking the “next step” for your ministry is starting a school. CAUTION: Your skill and experience with operating a church might or might not translate into the unique challenges that schools present. Who wouldn’t be interested in […]

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Pursuant Acquires TouchPoint Software

Pursuant, Dallas, TX, a fundraising agency, announced their acquisition of TouchPoint Software, LLC, a Memphis, Tennessee web-based church management software system, as of January 1, 2017. TouchPoint provides a church management software system for mobile devices and computers. The software solution was developed by founder and lead developer, David Carroll, as a way to help […]

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Financial wellness: an added benefit for your staff

Stethoscope and money

By Louis P. Barbarin, CPA Perhaps you have heard of or read about ‘financial wellness’ in the workplace. It’s one of the new buzzwords used to describe the range of financial services that some companies are making available to their employees. So, just what is financial wellness? According to Tom Rath and Jim Harter, leaders […]

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