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Our Mission

Founded in 2002, Church Executive has established itself as the leading business and management magazine for large Christian churches. With a readership almost wholly made up of senior pastors, executive pastors and business administrators from churches with weekend attendance of 1,000 or more, Church Executive focuses on topics like stewardship, finances, fund raising, capital campaigns, multi-site operations, communications, tax and legal issues, facilities, staffing, transportation and human resources.

In addition to a monthly magazine delivered in both print and digital format, Church Executive produces a bi-monthly electronic newsletter and maintains a dynamic website, churchexecutive.com. Through all our media we provide high quality information designed to meet the non-spiritual needs of our readers. Our mission, in short, is to help church leaders become better stewards.

Latest News

JourneyChurch Hosts ‘Suitcase Sunday’ to Benefit Oklahoma Children in Foster Care »

NORMAN, Okla., Oct. 22, 2014 /PRNewswire — There are more than 10,000 children in foster care in the state of Oklahoma. …

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Baptist takes multisite feature to churches looking for ‘good preaching’ »

A new company launched by Jim Somerville of First Baptist Church of Richmond, Va., offers rented or purchased sermons from respected preachers to small congregations, house churches and other faith communities without pastors.…

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December 2 is coming! Is your church ready? »

First, there was Black Friday. Then came Cyber Monday. Now, we have Giving Tuesday. Here’s how to maximize that day for ministry. …

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‘Churches Are Too Boring,’ This is Why People Are Not Attending Regularly »

Tennessee Pastor Says 'Churches Are Too Boring,' This is Why People Are Not Attending Regularly…

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6 Reasons That Leaders Fail »

When Scott Norwood stepped out onto the Super Bowl XXV field at the end of the game on January 27, 1991, he was only thinking about kicking the Super Bowl winning field goal for the Buffalo Bills as time expired. If you’re an NFL fan at all, you know what…

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Ebola prompts hands-off Mass in Fort Worth, Texas »

(RNS) The Blood of Christ will not be offered during Mass. The Host will be placed in the hands, not on the tongue. And the faithful should not hold hands while reciting the “Our Father.” These are but a few of the guidelines the Diocese of Fort Worth — not far from the…

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Faith Audience Presents Growth Opportunity for Entertainment Industry, New Research Finds »

62% of Faith Driven Consumers would watch at least three additional hours of TV or movies weekly if there were more faith-friendly options, 55% say there are not enough options in the marketplace, and nearly 40% say lack of family-friendly options prevents them from going to the movies more often…

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WEB-EXCLUSIVE: Your church website — keep it simple »

A user-friendly, flexible website platform can streamline (and improve) your church’s online presence.…

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Five Advantages of a Flexible Church Staff »

Few established churches turn on a dime. Some don’t turn at all. …

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