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Founded in 2002, Church Executive has established itself as the leading business and management magazine for large Christian churches. With a readership almost wholly made up of senior pastors, executive pastors and business administrators from churches with weekend attendance of 1,000 or more, Church Executive focuses on topics like stewardship, finances, fund raising, capital campaigns, multi-site operations, communications, tax and legal issues, facilities, staffing, transportation and human resources.

In addition to a monthly magazine delivered in both print and digital format, Church Executive produces a bi-monthly electronic newsletter and maintains a dynamic website, churchexecutive.com. Through all our media we provide high quality information designed to meet the non-spiritual needs of our readers. Our mission, in short, is to help church leaders become better stewards.

Latest News

‘Heads up’ safety — a paramount concern »

The Christian high school had much to be proud of: a history of academic excellence; a great reputation for community service; and also, as a much respected perennial contender for state football champion.…

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How to choose the right insurance for your church »

The one constant when purchasing insurance is uncertainty. A few days of unexpected rain can carry in its wake a flood of unwelcome expenses and stress. Thankfully, insurance minimizes the havoc that can occur from such an event.…

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Phase 3: The Campaign »

In this series installment, Paul Gage spotlights the public phase of the process: the Campaign itself. It’s a critical time — and it requires plenty of prep work to get right.…

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Safety Strategies: Playing it safe »

Accidents and injuries were almost a given, accepted as an inevitable part of life. Even during a span of eight years of the 21st century, more than 200,000 children were treated in emergency rooms each year for playground-related injuries. But these times, they are a changin’ — and passively accepting that…

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Fraud prevention: are you doing all you can? »

Banks are in the business of risk management — so, who better to help your ministry manage fraud and the onslaught of cybercrime making news almost every day?…

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LED display walls: 101 »

To discuss what an LED display wall is — and how it can enhance the worship experience and your church’s financial bottom line — we must first understand what an LED is.…

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Engaging children’s ministry spaces: 4 essential elements »

My earliest memories of Sunday school involve walking (in very uncomfortable shoes) into an old, dimly lit gymnasium and turning down a white-painted corridor. There, I entered a white-painted classroom. There were no windows and a hodgepodge of furniture. The most memorable thing about my Sunday school room was a small,…

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Loudspeaker basics: how to choose »

In the ongoing quest to create better, more effective worship, the need for good sound is paramount. Whether clearly articulating a meaningful sermon or delivering a praise band’s impactful musical performance, it’s important that every person — in every seat — is treated to the best possible sonic experience.…

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Church Management Software (ChMS) Forum: Your ChMS should grow WITH you »

People are already abandoning cash and checks in favor of debit and credit cards. And, the tools they’re using now could be obsolete in 10 years. So, choosing a ChMS that stays current with giving technology is crucial. By Mark Kitts Churches that employ alternative giving methods collect more contributions…

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Church Management Software (ChMS) Forum: It’s all about integration »

Frankly, many churches have some form of online giving software already in place. So, the point isn’t just about having online giving or donation tools — it’s about maximizing all the benefits online giving can provide.…

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