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Founded in 2002, Church Executive has established itself as the leading business and management magazine for large Christian churches. With a readership almost wholly made up of senior pastors, executive pastors and business administrators from churches with weekend attendance of 1,000 or more, Church Executive focuses on topics like stewardship, finances, fund raising, capital campaigns, multi-site operations, communications, tax and legal issues, facilities, staffing, transportation and human resources.

In addition to a monthly magazine delivered in both print and digital format, Church Executive produces a bi-monthly electronic newsletter and maintains a dynamic website, churchexecutive.com. Through all our media we provide high quality information designed to meet the non-spiritual needs of our readers. Our mission, in short, is to help church leaders become better stewards.

Latest News

Engaging sanctuaries: 3 design “musts” »

Depending on the culture and style of your congregation, your sanctuary might look more traditional or more modern — there are many ways to express the beauty of Christian worship. Despite these differences, however, there are some common design elements that are useful in creating an engaging sanctuary, no matter…

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Safety Strategies: Clear your path to a safe church »

The aisles that guide your congregation to a higher power could lead to slips, trips and falls if you’re not careful. Falls are one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries in the U.S., according to the National Safety Council. Those injuries accounted for about 8.8 million visits to the…

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Church management software: Where ministry meets monetary »

While churches might have to be run like businesses, there are specific needs and flexibility which non-CMS financial management applications just cannot provide. For some, the leading secular accounting software might be the answer — but we suggest otherwise. Here’s why.…

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Church Management Software: Financial management Q&A — a pastor’s perspective »

Mark Kitts served as a founding pastor before establishing People Driven Software, which merged with Elexio Church Software. Today, Kitts is Elexio’s Lead Software Architect. Here, he talks about how church management software helps churches with financial management.…

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Worship takes shape: examining traditional sanctuary design — past, present and future »

As Part 2 of this “Designing Worship Areas” series begins, let’s reiterate a primary concept from Part 1: Every church is different. Having restated that precept, let’s now look at the traditional worship space and the elements through which it contributes to a person’s worship experience.…

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8 questions to ask when evaluating financial applications in your CMS »

Church members not only look for spiritual leadership from their pastoral staff, but they also have expectations that donations made will be widely used. Often, they expect leadership to provide financial reports produced from a reliable accounting package, verifying their trust.…

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Making sound (system) decisions »

What defines good sound? While some might argue that the concept is subjective, there are certain aspects of a good sound system that we can all agree on. Spoken word should be intelligible. Musical performance should be clear and full-range. And sound should be consistent, everywhere in the house. Of course,…

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Leadership training: Ring in the New Year and answer to a HIGHER CALLING »

A Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Christian Studies degree from Grand Canyon University prepares students to lead in local churches and Christian organizations.…

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Seminary training is more important — and obtainable — than ever »

Seminary is not about answering every question a church leader might encounter; it is about developing a holistic biblical worldview and obtaining the right tools to understand those questions and discern the answers. It is about being prepared to apply biblical truth in a variety of social and cultural contexts.…

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BCWI announces 2015 Best Christian Workplaces »

This year’s 2015 Best Christian Workplaces list identifies organizations where employees experience healthy, even flourishing workplace cultures. The employees in these organizations find the work they do to be so meaningful and transformational they are willing to go the extra mile. The rich day-to-day relationships and fellowship experienced…

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