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Founded in 2002, Church Executive has established itself as the leading business and management magazine for large Christian churches. With a readership almost wholly made up of senior pastors, executive pastors and business administrators from churches with weekend attendance of 1,000 or more, Church Executive focuses on topics like stewardship, finances, fund raising, capital campaigns, multi-site operations, communications, tax and legal issues, facilities, staffing, transportation and human resources.

In addition to a monthly magazine delivered in both print and digital format, Church Executive produces a bi-monthly electronic newsletter and maintains a dynamic website, churchexecutive.com. Through all our media we provide high quality information designed to meet the non-spiritual needs of our readers. Our mission, in short, is to help church leaders become better stewards.

Latest News

Highway widening may cut off legendary church from drive-by worshippers »

For nearly 75 years, drivers between the Somerset and Bedford exits on the Pennsylvania Turnpike could park their cars on the berm and walk up the steps to St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. But the days when the “Church of the Turnpike,” as it’s known, served as a beacon…

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6 values to the perfect hire! »

One of the key aspects of my job is making great hires. I look at our staff of 120-plus employees and I thank God every day for the stories behind the people. While a lot of elements go into hiring, I have found 6 overarching values that drive hiring. …

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How to adjust to multiple services: 8 tips »

How can preachers make adjustments that better prepare them for the transition from one to multiple services? I’ve been a part of such a transition numerous times, and made the transition from two to three, and three to four. I’ve also had to make adjustments for seasons that included preaching…

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Judicial Watch sues Internal Revenue Service for records about IRS monitoring of churches »

July lawsuit settlement with atheist group, IRS admits monitoring churches for allegedly illegal political activity…

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The stewardship of space »

Common sense and economics dictate that if you can make better use of your church’s existing multipurpose space, you can avoid costly building programs. The result is more money to fund your growing ministries.…

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Church Executive Roundtable: Church Management Systems & Software (Part 2) »

This summer — at the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) annual conference — Church Executive hosted a live roundtable on a timely topic: church management systems and software. Several high-level ChMS executives joined together to share their expertise.…

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A real-life profile in generosity »

How one church increased its online giving from 6% to 14%…

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Good Steward Award Winner: Oklahoma Youth Camp (Sparks, OK) »

A “Good Steward” Award recipient in the area of children’s / youth spaces, this Assemblies of God facility in Sparks, OK, has 16 modern cabins — each 6,000 square feet — with four large bunk rooms surrounding a central commons area.…

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How notification technology can deliver the Good News this Christmas season »

The Christmas season brings with it so much opportunity for warmth, fellowship and holiness. It also presents a host of other challenges for a church — sudden shortages of time, random acts of weather, a flurry of liturgical and other activities that fill your schedule, and sometimes the sniffles…

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Award-winning multi-site staff management »

Grace Fellowship Church has launched three multi-site campuses in the past five years. This process has involved two capital campaigns, vision-casting, site identification, site development and leadership training. Here, Pastor of Business Administration Bill Minchin talks about these developments.…

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