6 steps to revive your church website — today

It’s a full-time job to stay up to date on all the technology trends — and you have another full-time job already: running your church.

You’re not alone.

Whether your website is just in need of a refreshing, new look — or desperate for a complete overhaul — there’s always hope. To make it a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list as you consider your church website revival.


1. Know your goals

As a pastor, you’re eager to see the work of your church overflowing and connecting with people. The first step is to determine your goals for your church online.

Remember what makes your church and your community unique. Think about what you want to accomplish so you have a clear picture of what you want the future to look like.


2. Have the right website pages

You want the experience of your church –– from the first time someone hears about you all the way until they start to bring guests of their own –– to be cohesive and seamless.

Make sure key information is easy to find. Times and Directions, New Here?, Staff, and About Us are some of the most important pages. Make sure you’re not being confusing when you want to be welcoming.


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3. Have an up-to-date design

There’s just something “off.” You’ve tweaked it so much since your last rebranding or website redesign, that it looks like an old, patched-up sock –– kind of cobbled together with add-ons on top of add-ons.

In addition to the look of your website, you should be keeping up with technology, too. Make sure your site is responsive and looks great on mobile devices.

You should also be making sure your online giving options are simple and safe.


4. Designate a website “owner” on your staff

Your staff is good at a lot of things — and one of them should be maintaining your church website. But that doesn’t mean you (or your team) needs to be doing every single detail. You shouldn’t feel like you have to build the site from scratch.

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Your website needs your visionary spark to flick the first domino and begin the process of a website redesign and strategy. But you might be better off if you can leave the details to the specialists.


 5. Know if your church website is changing lives

Make sure to stay connected to your audience. Imagine the growth you could all experience if your website provided only the most relevant information and it was organized in the best way.

Install Google Analytics and Hotjar (free versions available for both!) and start to learn your site browsers’ habits. This is yet another great way to meet people where they are and serve your church with technology.


 6. Get some free advice from church website experts

If you’re ready to make some plans with the help of a church website strategy professional, submit your URL (for free) to the Church Website Revival.

This April, you can enter for a free church website assessment. We’ll cover your first impression, critical content, next steps and how to help your website audience truly engage.


Ashley Samuelson is a strategist at Ekklesia 360 who has consulted with hundreds of churches — including Eagle Brook, Cornerstone Fellowship, and Bible Chapel — to help them communicate their mission online. 


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