Generis and RSI Solutions unite under the name and leadership of Generis

Together Generis and RSI Solutions Bring More Resources and More Experience to Help Churches Accelerate Generosity and Fund Kingdom Visions

Two major names in church stewardship and generosity, Generis and RSI Church Solutions, united under the name and leadership of Generis on June 1, 2017. Together, Generis and RSI have helped more than 13,000 churches raise $17 billion for Kingdom-related initiatives. The team now can serve more churches in more ways with combined resources and new options for churches to engage at varied levels. The Generis way —connecting the unique vision of each church to proven strategies and insights gained from years of navigating the twists and turns of diverse projects and situations—continues to be what drives the firm and every member of the now 35-member team.

“For thriving churches, vision often exceeds financial resources. We see a trend that churchgoers are giving less and less to their local church,” said Jim Sheppard, Principal and CEO. “We believe there is a profound need to help church leaders see their Kingdom vision implemented without financial limitations. And the answer is right there before us: the people sitting in church each week. The combination of these two organizations under the Generis name and leadership provides a deeper team than ever to identify the unique issues in each church and provide solutions to accelerate generosity.”

For more than 28 years, the passionate and experienced Generosity Strategists of Generis have served churches in the trenches by applying best practices while coaching ministry leaders on proven tactics to see their God-given visions through to reality. Broaching the topic of giving and finances can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Generis has consistently proven to church clients that, if approached strategically to attain long-term, sustainable success, accelerating generosity and funding their vision is attainable, and it makes the church stronger as a result.

“We now are positioned to serve more churches in more ways with the combined experience of our team. Our strategies are based on data—as well as our extensive experience—so we know what is likely to work under a certain set of circumstances,” said Brad Leeper, Principal and President. “Additionally, we have a make-it-last mindset that is focused on the long-term engagement of the hearts of your givers. Our goal is to cultivate a lifestyle of generosity in your church well beyond any giving campaign.”

For more information about Generis and its growing team and to learn how its custom process can accelerate generosity to fulfill the God-inspired vision for your church, visit Interviews and expert content are available by request.


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