Are you winning the wrong race?

There are many good races, but only one matters most.

It doesn’t matter if you win a race if it’s the wrong race. We can’t declare ourselves winners of a marathon for winning a boat race.

It’s winning. It’s just winning at the wrong thing.

Which is a form of losing.

raceMost of us think we simply fail to reach our goals. Often, it’s because they were never our goals to begin with. Our real goals were the things we spent the year pursuing. Perhaps it was our excellence at the boat race that kept us from winning the marathon we said we wanted to win.

When it comes to spirituality, there is but one race — devotion to God above all. Many other races call for our attention. They are a distraction from training and excellence at the “one thing,” we are called to.

But I want to preach great sermons…

But I want to travel the world…

But I want financial security…

But I want to raise great kids…

But I want an awesome marriage…

But I want to stamp out injustice in the world…

These are worthwhile but counterfeit races — that keep us coming back to the “Jesus first” goal each year because we didn’t meet it the last year.

Christianity isn’t about life-balance. It’s about devotion — and it’s that devotion which gives life rhythm and abundance. That’s the race we’ve been called to run. Let’s run that race with all our devotion provided by God’s Spirit … and watch as God provides us the victory in others.

Don’t win the wrong races. Win the only race you’re called to run — and run it to win! (1 Cor. 9:24)

TimSpivey-blogTim Spivey is lead planter of New Vintage Church in San Diego, CA. Tim is also an adjunct professor of religion at Pepperdine University and purveyor of New Vintage Leadership, a blog offering cutting-edge insights on leadership and theology. He is the author of numerous articles and the book: Jesus, the Powerful Servant.



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