Best outreach programs

Church Executive is looking for the best Outreach Programs

Church Executive magazine is searching for the best / most innovative Church Outreach Programs to feature in a digital showcase that we plan to run in 2011.

Please tell us which outreach programs you believe are the very best/most innovative — and whether you helped develop them yourself or have watched them succeed at other churches.

Our editors will select the best / most innovative programs and share the details with our readers in the digital showcase we have scheduled for 2011.

Our readers

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Our publications

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Why Focus On Outreach?

Outreach programs are viewed as an effective way to “leverage” the church’s available physical, personnel and financial resources, and help carry out God’s work seven days a week, not just inside the church.

When the needs served by these ministries are made more pressing by cuts in government budgets at federal, state and local levels and at schools and at other NGOs, the churches and their managers face extra pressure to get more from their outreach programs.

Field research tells us that our readers are interested in learning how best to reach out to their congregations and their communities to carry out effective ministries for the disadvantaged, as well as families, youth, teens, seniors and others.

Outreach: thinking outside the box

We would like to share with readers (copycats invited!) the best and most innovative outreach programs being conducted by U.S. churches, and especially by the churches not shy about thinking outside the box.

  • Maybe you know of a rural church where the pastor stepped up to the plate and recruited some dads in her congregation to help resurrect the town’s Little League team which had folded along with the local lumber mill?
  • Or perhaps you know a pastor who found a retired travel agent in his congregation who knew how to organize an annual bus tour as part of that church’s seniors ministry, complete with on-board Bible study and continuing education programs delivered over the motorcoach’s AV system between destinations?  Maybe your company provided the motorcoach and worked with the pastor in getting the program off the ground


Include the following in your correspondence:

  • Name of Outreach Program
  • Contact name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

By responding, you are opting in to receive periodic communications from Church Executive Magazine on the news, products and information that affect your church and your congregation. We will not sell or share your e-mail address with any other company and you may unsubscribe at any time.

Please pass this request on to others whose opinions you respect, and ask them to let us know.  We also need you to provide the specifics of your program:

  • What the outreach program was/is
  • How long did it last
  • How it fit in with your ministry
  • How you communicated your program to those you wanted to reach and help

Thank you for participating; we look forward to your entry.


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