Better together: combining your ChMS & giving platforms

How to deepen engagement with an end-to-end church management solution

By Troy Pollock

Since I started my journey with Pushpay in 2012, there have been so many changes, innovations and developments in technology to help the church.

In fact, at the time, digital giving was a revolutionary concept.
I remember having to pitch the idea of online and mobile tithing and how technology could really make a difference for church admins and donors alike.

However, as technology evolves and has become more embedded in our day-to-day lives, digital giving is simply an extension of the church technology toolbelt. 

For better or worse, the recent COVID-19 pandemic really uncovered the possibilities, and gaps, for churches as they were forced to shift to a digital strategy — literally overnight. In fact, a recent Barna study indicates that 48% of pastors said the most growth their church has seen during this unprecedented time was in innovation and technology.

Now, more than ever, is the time to research and evaluate what your church really needs to help move your congregation forward. In meeting with some of the leading churches day-to-day, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that one of the biggest pain points is the lack of seamless integration between their systems and tools. More specifically, between their ChMS and giving solutions.

You might have recently read that Pushpay and Church Community Builder merged and are now under one umbrella. We could not be more excited about this merger and what it means for the church. As we combine our solutions into an all-in-one church engagement platform, we are building toward delivering tools that will empower churches to know, grow, and keep their people. Here’s what we’re most excited about in the coming months:

The power of integrated solutions

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There is a significant difference between a partner and an integrated solution. In fact, we are just beginning to tap into the potential of being a fully integrated solution. Some of the benefits of having your ChMS and giving solutions more deeply aligned are things like streamlined sign-on between systems, better data integrity, and deep links that enable admins to easily transition between tools and quickly navigate to where they need to go — saving your church considerable time. In addition, having one support line to call for help with both your giving and ChMS needs.   

Yet, one thing will remain strong. We truly value our partners and have invested years in building and maintaining relationships with other technology solutions, which we know is beneficial to many churches. As a result, Pushpay and Church Community Builder are still dedicated to maintaining an open API.

Intentional engagement

Our goal is to fuel engagement that provides deeper connections between a church and its congregation, and to build technology to support ministry — which we know is really about reaching and connecting people.

Expanding on Pushpay’s recent Donor Development tools, churches now have the ability to send a list of donors or community members to a Process Queue within their Church Community Builder software.

What does that mean? A church now has more visibility to how engaged individuals are in the church. More so, this prompts a step-by-step path that ultimately helps move people forward on their faith journey. This is really step one in unlocking the true potential of both the Pushpay and Church Community Builder software.

Bundled pricing & customer support

One of the benefits of combining solutions is the opportunity to deliver a bundled product offering — which today includes a ChMS, digital giving and app solution. Customer support for joint Pushpay and Church Community Builder customers has also been integrated into a single care center. Meaning one point of contact for questions and support. How easy is that? For questions, visit

As we embark on this opportunity, we could not be more excited about the future ahead. We truly know that Pushpay and Church Community Builder are better together, and combined we are able to deliver a more holistic solution for the church. Watch this space for more updates in the coming months!

Troy Pollock is the chief ambassador at Pushpay, a software company based in Redmond, Wash. As the first U.S. employee, he has been an integral part of the development, strategic planning, and growth at Pushpay the last seven years.

Prior to joining Pushpay, Pollock was the executive pastor at a church in southern California.


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