Blackbaud announces new book on giving program best practices

Fourth installment of Blackbaud Desktop Reference Series focuses on best practices for building long-term giving programs.

Charleston, S.C.– Blackbaud Inc., has released a new book Cultivating Lifelong Donors: Stewardship and the Fundraising Pyramid covering best practices for building long-term giving programs. The nonprofit software and services company is also hosting a free web seminar series that will bring to life the topics covered in each chapter of the book. Nonprofit professionals can visit Blackbaud’s website to download a complimentary electronic copy of the book and register for the free web seminar series.

“The Cultivating Lifelong Donors book and web seminar series are designed to help nonprofits build giving programs that span the entire supporter lifecycle,” said Lawrence Henze, managing director of Target Analytics and co-author of the book. “As we wrote the book and developed the seminars, we wanted to help nonprofits build strategies for cultivating donors from initial engagement up through ultimate giving.”

Authored by four nonprofit expertsFrank Barry, Lawrence Henze, David Lamb, and Katherine Swank — Cultivating Lifelong Donors: Stewardship and the Fundraising Pyramid covers key methods for building a successful fundraising pyramid and how to steward and engage donors at each giving level.

By attending the web seminar series, nonprofit professionals will learn best practices for encouraging supporters to transition through the fundraising pyramid to reach their ultimate giving level. Each session will build on the content from the previous session, so nonprofits can get a full overview of how to build strategies and action plans to maximize fundraising results. Plus, a free copy of the book will be mailed to all attendees of the web seminars at the conclusion of the series.

The Cultivating Lifelong Donors web seminar series will feature the following four sessions:

Cultivating Lifelong Donors, Part 1: Get Engaged — Donor Engagement through Social Media
Frank Barry, Professional Services Manager, Blackbaud
August 4 at 1 p.m. ET
This session will explore how social media can help support nonprofits’ existing overall fundraising goals by assisting in cultivating supporter relationships, building cause awareness, boosting online fundraising, and connecting with new supporters.

Cultivating Lifelong Donors, Part 2: Keeping Them — Stewarding “One-Time” Donors for Lasting Support
David Lamb, Prospect Research Consultant, Target Analytics
August 11 at 1 p.m. ET
This session will explore the phenomenon of one-time and disaster donors. Attendees will discover tactics for retaining these supporters and how to kindle each spark of compassion into a flame of philanthropy.

Cultivating Lifelong Donors, Part 3: Pyramid Power — Transitional Giving for Building Strong Fundraising Pyramids
Lawrence Henze, Managing Director, Target Analytics
August 18 at 1 p.m. ET
This session will explore the topic of transitional giving prospects: annual-fund donors who demonstrate potential to become mid- to high-level prospects. Participants will learn how to identify transitional giving prospects and how to implement targeted development strategies to encourage movement up the giving pyramid.

Cultivating Lifelong Donors, Part 4: Peak Performance — Strategic Stewardship for Planned Giving Programs
Katherine Swank, Consultant, Target AnalyticsAugust 25 at 1 p.m. ET
This session will explore how building an intentional bond with planned giving prospects improves nonprofits’ chances of receiving increased gifts from them now, as well as increased or additional legacy gifts in the future.

Nonprofit professionals can sign up for these free web seminars at

Cultivating Lifelong Donors: Stewardship and the Fundraising Pyramid is the fourth book of Blackbaud’s Desktop Reference Series. The book series is dedicated to exploring the subjects of nonprofit fundraising and prospect research. Past books in the series include Boosting Your Giving Programs through Prospect Research, Creating a Legacy: Building a Planned Giving Program from the Ground Up, and Building Fundraising Momentum in a Recession. Nonprofit professionals can download a free copy of Cultivating Lifelong Donors: Stewardship and the Fundraising Pyramid as well as the other books in the Desktop Reference Series at


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