Can you see it?

By Mike Klockenbrink

When you venture into some place you’ve never been before, your eyes are wide open. Your senses start taking in everything around you.  It could be the vivid colors, the incredible smells or just the atmosphere you feel.

So how many times does it take before you lose those senses and start operating on autopilot? You don’t notice that the carpet is frayed, the paint job needs work, or that the same box is still sitting there. You become desensitized to what should have been the obvious.

My wife is great at helping the boys and I notice the less obvious. Recently she had the boys cleaning up and organizing their spaces. The comments were the same “Mom, nobody is going to notice if a book is out of place.  Nobody will even notice all of the stuff you have us doing.” Later that evening, they (the Boys) had several friends over and a couple of the girls made comments on how clean, organized and beautiful our home was. Nobody notices?

There is a little adventure I encourage you to take your staff on. Now your staff may think this is a little corny, but it works. Have them close their eyes and go on a little adventure with you. Don’t short sell any area of your adventure. I would start something like this: As you walk through your front doors what do you see? Is the place clean and well kept? If people are involved, how were you greeted or welcomed? As you enter into the main auditorium, office or kids area ask the same questions.

Now let’s change it up. This is God’s building or the president of the company’s building that is taking you on a walk through. Hit all the same areas. What looks different, how are the people? Is there a difference between your first walk through and the second? If there is, why the difference? Whose building is it anyway?

Help me to see what you see. So as you look around the office, the lobby or even your own home, can you see it?

Mike Klockenbrink is chief of staff at Lakeside Church, Folsom, CA. []


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