Church Executive, August 2010, Volume 9, Issue 8

The CE Interview: Pete Wilson
By Ronald E. Keener
If pete wilson were to preach about the Great Flood, his parishioners at Cross Point Church in Nashville might be excused if they began to think locally rather than biblically. The rains and subsequent flooding that came to that city in May were unexpected and persistent.

In view of a call: Leadership and martyrdom in the Midwest
By John Harris
Tragedy and a pastor’s death shock a congregation in the Illinois farmlands.

Safeguard against violent ‘insiders and outsiders’
By John Nicoletti
A vocabulary of violence helps church leaders manage risk.

Rebuilding the church on its ancient foundations
By Tom Greenwood
Church leaders are turning back to inner cities and building urban churches with missional zeal.

Existing buildings offer churches an economical alternative
By Bryan Miles
Lifepoint Church in Virginia chooses the “big box” approach to expansion.

Don’t let your multipurpose room sound like a train station
By Richard A. Honeycutt
Planning can help churches create better acoustical conditions in multipurpose rooms.

Using high capacity leadership is about calling, not capacity
By Ronald E. Keener
Throw out ‘one size fits all,’ but keep sound thinking when it comes to turning a church around.


Ron Keener

Tax Issues
By Dave Moja

Human Resources
By Kenneth Randal

Speaking Volumes
By Ronald E. Keener


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