Church Executive, August 2012, Volume 11, Issue 8

The CE Interview: Senior pastor Joe Champion says Celebration Church is a place where people can discover their calling and are equipped and empowered to fulfill their ministry.
By Rez Gopez-Sindac

Why your church’s revenue isn’t over the top
By John B. Savage
Some churches don’t have a clear vision and others don’t teach biblical stewardship.

Debunking the myth of interest rate swaps
By Dan Mikes
The product is not the esoteric mystical instrument that some paint it to be.

Radical turnarounds are made of these
By Mark Rutland
Trust, confidence, leadership – but the greatest is vision.

Common but costly compensation errors
By Elaine L. Sommerville
The issues surrounding compensation for key employees have grown more complex.

Funding tactics churches can learn from nonprofits
By Ben Stroup
Rethink your approach to financing ministry needs and change the conversation of money in your church.


Ron Keener

Tax Issues
By Dave Moja

SPECIAL SECTION: Online Education

Earn a degree while working full-time
By Ronald E. Keener
University ensures its programs align with high-demand, high-growth industries.

Graduate education empowers pastors
By Jeffery Fulks
Knowledge gained boosts confidence, creativity and ability to think strategically.


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