Church Executive, February 2011, Volume 10, Issue 2

The CE Interview
By Ronald E. Keener
Death, heaven and the afterlife aren’t familiar things to us even as we all face them sooner or later. Jim Garlow, pastor of Skyline Church in southern California, as written two books on the topics and still finds the topics mystifying.

Churches still choose multi-campus approach, but mergers keep popping up
By Ronald E. Keener
Redux on City of Grace’s merger, while two more Arizona churches go the merger route.

Five reasons why churches limit the length of capital campaigns
By Ben Stroup
Three years is a long time to commit in any economic environment, let alone the uncertainty in these fast-paced times.

A familiar face brings positive change to a California church
By Kent E. Fillinger
Gene Appel returns to the church where he interned, in his third megachurch assignment in 20 years.

A fellowship hall ‘on steriods’ draws people from far afield
By Ken Warren
Green Acres Baptist Church of Tyler, TX, completed five years of construction with a Freedom Celebration and new conference center.


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