Church Executive, June 2010, Volume 9, Issue 6

The CE Interview: Larry Osborne
By Ronald E. Keener
Larry Osborne says he grew up in a rather legalistic church that tended to confuse American values with Biblical values. “Frankly, it turned me off to both God and the church,” says the pastor of North Coast Church, Vista, CA.

What are we to make of it when attendance drops off?
By Mark Simmons
Case study suggests a systematic methodology that takes time and effort, but will produce a more reliable conclusion.

Staying alive: Defusing the emotional time bomb in pastoral work
By Ronald E. Keener
“If I’m called to ministry, then I’m supposed full-on, over-the-edge, not only in my commitment to the Lord, but also in my work patterns.”

How you can convert conflict into ministry opportunities
By Nathan A. Adams IV
Alternative dispute resolution, also known as peacemaking, can help resolve disputes more amicably.

In Hollywood’s shadow, one pastor uses power of culture and film
By Phil Hotsenpiller
How you can find opportunities to influence and engage culture in a way that is relevant and impactful for today’s society.

Social justice movement seen as inspired by secular trends
By Ronald E. Keener
Celebrity involvement in concerns over poverty and global justice has contributed to the attention being paid to justice issues.

Today vinyl is a preferred flooring for many church uses
By Sonya S. Eggerton
Vinyl floors might not have star power, but the quality flooring is cost-effective.

Tires can impact church budgets
By David Hubbard
A successful tire maintenance program uses stewardship to protect the bottom line.

Don’t let your missions trip become a nightmare
By Jeff Gulleson
International travel insurance provides peace of mind for those spreading the Gospel.


Ron Keener

Speaking Volumes

Legal Advice
By David Middlebrook and Robert W. Rucker

Business Solutions
By Ted Wlazlowski


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