Church Executive, June 2012, Volume 11, Issue 6

The CE Interview: Todd Clark, Senior Pastor, Discovery Church, Simi Valley, CA
By Ronald E. Keener

In a congregation of 1,500 people, Todd Clark leads Discovery Church with the view that his goal is not primarily to become bigger, but rather to become better.

Humility involved as two churches come together
By Rez Gopez-Sindac
Making the case for church mergers as a viable option for impact and revitalization.

How to keep your youth pastor
By William Vanderbloemen
Conventional wisdom says that the average youth pastor stays only 18 months.

Measuring what matters
By Ronald E. Keener
Leadership book offers secular – and God-honoring – ways to lead faith-based


Churches embrace filmmaking
By Ronald E. Keener
Strong mainstream acceptance of faith-based movies creating an entirely new industry, says a film insider.

Hollywood: Mine field or mission field?
By Karen Covell
Three congregations are reaching out to those working in the entertainment community.

Redemptive movies do have appeal
By Ronald E. Keener
Sherwood Baptist commits to making no-nonsense films to change lives and impact the world.

Memphis church film engages community
By Mark Hodge
Calvary Church tells a story of forgiveness.

Serving the underserved
By Ronald E. Keener
Film producer connects churches that make quality faith-based movies with the best distributors in the industry.

Using film to move parishioners
By Jeremy Rodgers


Ron Keener

Speaking Volumes
By Ronald E. Keener

Legal Advice
By David Middlebrook

Business Management
By David Lee


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