Church Executive, May 2012, Volume 11, Issue 5

The CE Interview: Randy Weaver, Senior Pastor, Lone Star Cowboy Church, Montgomery, TX
By Rez Gopez-Sindac

“A lot of the same attitudes that horses have, people have. Some horses want to rebel, and some horses want to submit. Some horses want to learn, and some horses won’t let anybody take care of them. They’ll try to hurt you. Some people just don’t want to serve God,” says Randy Weaver, senior pastor of Lone Star Cowboy Church, Montgomery, TX.

Missionary kidnappings on the rise
By David A. Jones
Apply both faith and caution overseas — and take out kidnap and ransom insurance.

What can churches learn from hospitality field?
By Jeff Springer
Know your target, put metrics in place, and push the envelope are just a few lessons.

How does that sit with you?
By Paul Lodholz
Spaghetti stains are one factor deciding whether it’s chairs or pews in the worship center.


Sustainable by design
By Anne E. Briggs and Timothy J. Black
How good stewardship means going green for one church.

Design + Equipment = energy efficiency
By Ken Smith
Idlewild is one of three Southern Baptist churches to receive the Energy Star Award.

Church undertakes bold greening efforts
By David A. Price
Incorporating a few environmental touches can help cut energy costs and promote sustainability.

Save by going solar
By Michael Gorton
The church saw its utility bills cut in half, with the solar panels projected to pay for themselves by 2018.


Ron Keener

Financial Solutions
By Jennifer Carter

Risk Management
By Eric Spacek


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