Church Executive, September 2012, Volume 11, Issue 9

CE Interview: Roy Gruber, Lead Pastor, The Heights Community, Ogden, UT
Roy Gruber serves a multisite (three campuses) congregation of 1,800 people in a thriving evangelistic field – Utah – where 49 percent of people within 20 miles of the church have no current involvement with faith of any kind.
By Ronald E. Keener

Quick to listen, slow to hire
By Rez Gopez-Sindac
Experienced church leaders say finding the right employees is probably not a job for the swift.

How to deal with ex-offenders
By Bill Price
Develop a policy in the context of discipleship and full reconciliation.

Post-2008 giving realities
By Jim Sheppard
People want to know more about where their charitable contribution is going.

Chain’s loss, church’s gain?
By Rob Baird
Why a retail center could be a good investment for your congregation.

Software to the rescue
Rez Gopez-Sindac
Three churches find easy-to-use Web-based solutions to their room scheduling, facility management and online ticketing challenges.

Megafinancing issues for megachurches
By John Berardino
Some lenders want a say in how the church is managed and organized.


Ron Keener

Speaking Volumes
By Rez Gopez-Sindac

SPECIAL SECTION: Children’s Ministry
Family approach fosters shared learning
By Ronald E. Keener
Parents and kids are hearing the same teaching at the same time.


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