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excellerate checkinSince 1998, CMS provider Excellerate has aimed its sights on minimizing the stress and exhaustion that comes with managing and growing a church. To that end, a range of CMS options are available from the company — from member tracking to volunteer

“When you look at the logistics of managing a church, it can be a little daunting,” says spokesperson Chris Hayden. “Using a paper system to keep track of everything would be a mess.”

Instead, Excellerate takes all that information (member tracking, visitor follow-up, classes, small groups, organizations and contributions) and stores it in one place. “Any member of the staff can go to find exactly what they need,” Hayden explains. “With our installed software, they’ll never have to rely on an Internet connection; the church houses its own member database and will always have the information on hand.”

excellerate-childtagTracking contributions is another important — and sometimes complicated — issue, he continues. To simplify matters, Excellerate enables easy tracking of giving income across all church’s funds. In a matter of minutes, users can even print year-end giving statements.

Another handy feature of Excellerate is ServePoint, which simplifies volunteer management, says Hayden. “There are two main factors in growing an outreach: making the outreach known to your volunteers and communicating the details to them,” he adds. ServePoint can help a church do just that, by letting users organize volunteers into different teams. “This way,” he explains, “they can be notified of upcoming opportunities, scheduled to specific events, or even reminded of their current assignments.”

         — RaeAnn Slaybaugh


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