Custom tours create one-of-a-kind experiences

If your church is considering a trip to the Holy Land, it might make sense to take a custom tour. Here are 5 reasons why.

Jen Kroger
Marketing Manager
Travel with Friends

#1: It prioritizes your priorities as a group 

The first questions that we ask a church or ministry client concern the priorities it has for the experience. Do you want to spend your time at each location in worship to deliver a message or a sermon? Are you there for historical education? Ultimately, custom tours allow for either (or both) priorities to take precedence.

Not only can your group choose which sites to visit, and what to do at each site, but you can even select your departure city and travel dates. 

You’re also able to choose your preferred hotels. Do you want more luxurious accommodations, or is affordability more important?  

Is there a preferred guide or driver? That can be accommodated, too.  

#2: Because no two churches are the same 

The ability to choose the specifics — what you want to see and when you want to go there — affords church group leaders a lot of control and caters to their members and church community alike.

You will, for instance, want to decide between a religious tour, an educational tour, or a combination of both. The major differences between the former two are a matter of priority. 

Is your group more focused on the history and background of the site? We find that this is typical among student travel groups. 

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Or is your group there as pilgrims, intent on experiencing the context of the Bible as a means to deepening your collective understanding? We do, of course, accommodate this focus quite often.

Some groups want to immerse themselves in the culture of Israel, so they carefully select where they stay and where they visit. Other groups are in the Holy Land as a part of a true pilgrimage. We cater to both.

#3: It’s flexible and convenient

Rather than contracting out to a destination management company in the Holy Land, we have our own ground team in Israel. We also have an office in the United States, in Little Rock, Ark. So, everything we do is customized and has flexibility built in.  

Louie Dajani, our founder, started in the travel industry as a tour guide for Christian Pilgrimage Tours. Because of that background, he is well equipped to understand the needs of church travel groups and how to serve them best. 

Louie possesses the unique ability to treat everyone that we work with as a friend. Our name — Travel with Friends — is no mistake. 

We believe in relationships, and how we work with pastors reflects that mission. Everyone that plans a custom tour will work directly with one of our dedicated team members throughout the process, relying on their expertise and accessibility. So, from Day 1 until you get back home, you’ll work with one of our trained staff.

#4: A custom experience doesn’t cost more 

Here again, having our own ground team is important. This way, we’re able to offer custom tours at set itinerary prices.

#5: Now is (finally!) the time

Ever since COVID struck, investments in community opportunities and events have been lacking. Now that travel is much safer, a custom tour to the Holy Land lets church members invest in deepening their relationship with the church community, as well as their understanding of the gospel. 

And it’s a great way to reengage your congregation after a difficult few years of separation.


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