Engage worshippers with hearing loss

hearing-picIs your church doing a good job of accommodating its worshippers with hearing loss?  If not, they’re likely to go to another church that does — or, they might stop attending worship services altogether.

So, if you’re not confident these members and visitors can hear the Word — every Sunday — you’re missing a valuable ministry opportunity.

This is where Califone and Church Executive come in. We’ve partnered to give away two simple-to-use, standalone assistive listening systems — valued at $350 and $2,400 — to accessibility-focused churches. Both come equipped with everything you’ll need to ensure worshippers with hearing loss can hear the Word.

The 1st place system is a 10-person setup originally designed with tour guides in mind. With a transmission range of up to 300 feet, the transmitter and receivers — each the size of a deck of playing cards — can be worn on a belt or around the neck. This system includes all the necessary headphones and chargers, plus a carrying case.

The 2nd place system uses wireless headphones and requires only radio frequencies to work and offers a 100-foot range. A desktop transmitter (about the size of a VHS cassette) communicates with the receivers, which are built into the headphones. There’s no limit to the number of headphones that can be added later.

To enter, just take a few minutes to tell us how one of these valuable systems could help your church engage members and visitors with hearing loss. The two most compelling responses win.

ws-al10The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, October 15, 2013.

Additional resources are available!

For church leaders committed to engaging individuals with hearing loss, Church Executive offers more resources worth checking out:

  • Making worship accessible to everyone — In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of accommodating worshippers with hearing loss. See pages 14-21 of the current digital issue of Church Executive.

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