Evangelical leaders unite to endorse immigration reform principles

Washington, D.C. — More than 150 influential evangelical Christians across America, including Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, endorsed an “Evangelical Statement of Principles for Immigration Reform” released on Tuesday during a press conference on Capitol Hill. Following the press event, prominent evangelical leaders delivered these principles to leadership from the Obama Administration, Senate and House of Representatives. At a time when immigration has become a partisan talking point for campaigns on both sides of the aisle, these Christian leaders are uniting to call on Democrats and Republicans to lead our nation to a bipartisan solution on immigration.

Evangelical leaders formally announced the creation of an “Evangelical Immigration Table” to advance a cohesive immigration reform message and strategy while building political will in the pews.  The “Table” was more than one year in the making and represents an unprecedented coalition of evangelicals from diverse political and theological backgrounds. The leaders made the case that humane immigration reform should be a moral priority and told stories of how concerted outreach to evangelical churches and colleges is already shifting opinions on immigration reform among the evangelical grassroots.

The Evangelical Immigration Table ran on Tuesday a full page ad in POLITICO announcing their principles for immigration reform and listing the 150 evangelical leaders endorsing the principles. The Table also released a radio ad that will begin running next week on Christian radio stations in Colorado and Florida. Further ad buys and earned media work will target publications and geographic areas with high populations of evangelical and Hispanic voters.

To read the endorsement list of the Evangelical Principles for Immigration Reform and to listen to the radio ads, please visit www.evangelicalimmigrationtable.com


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