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In an age when digital giving is common — but often frustrating and impersonal — Pushpay provides an experience that’s beautifully simple and can provide points of connection between a church and its members.

It’s always such a joy to hear good news stories from our church partners. It’s a refreshing reminder about the amazing results that simplifying the ability to be generous can have.

IMG_2064Pushpay is a business that was born out of the frustration encountered when trying to give to a local church.

We now have the privilege of serving hundreds and hundreds of churches across the United States and are always blown away when we hear stories of ‘doubling online transactions’ or ‘record numbers of new givers engaged.’

We have set up a specialized division called eChurch who are the experts when it comes to bringing Pushpay to churches.

The eChurch team loves working with church Staff, fulfilling unique needs, learning about specific outreaches, and implementing the Pushpay platform in a way that will ensure barriers which stand in the way of generosity are removed.

Everything we do is based on helping churches solve the problem of how to make it simple for people to make that first or subsequent gift.

The State of the Plate tells us that, on average, only 20 percent to 25 percent of people who regularly attend church will give regularly. This means there’s tremendous opportunity to fund ministry by engaging a bigger portion of our congregations.

Our beautifully simple mobile app is one part of our platform and allows giving in less than 10 seconds. By removing barriers to giving, our church partners have found that they engage both new and existing givers, leading to an overall increase in giving in their churches.

Pushpay makes giving about the ‘moment’ — not the process!

Please take time to read more about what we do, our vision, and the results churches just like yours are seeing from partnering with us.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Chris Heaslip,
Group CEO and Co-Founder



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