Houston-Area Religious Congregations Commit to Make and Distribute 1 Million Masks to Locals 

As businesses across Texas prepare to reopen, Houston Responds is answering a call from government leaders to help provide “Masks for All,” bringing together several local religious denominations and entities to mobilize 1,000 congregations city-wide to produce 1 million life-saving reusable masks.

“It’s critical we reopen public spaces while limiting transmission of COVID-19, all have been urged by government and medical officials to wear personal-use face masks,” said Tommy Rosson, Executive Director of Houston Responds. “While the task of ensuring that everyone, especially in under-resourced areas of Greater Houston, has access to masks is a giant undertaking, we know that the religious communities have the heart, resources and man-power to make this happen. By working together, we believe we can fill this need and create a safe environment for Houston residents.”

Current “Masks for All” participating organizations include KSBJ-FM, The Episcopal Diocese of Texas, The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Presbytery of New Covenant, The United Methodist Church Texas Annual Conference and Union Baptist Association.

“I believe I speak for all the organizations that have joined the ‘Masks for All’ project when I say it is an honor to support our city and its valiant efforts to keep citizens safe,” said Bishop Scott Jones, resident bishop of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. “It is vital that we seek to stay physically healthy as well as spiritually healthy, and we are grateful to Houston Responds for organizing this needed effort.”

In addition to sewing masks, congregations can join in several ways, including donating materials and dropping off masks. To learn more about how to help the “Masks for All” initiative, visit HoustonResponds.org/MasksForAll.

About Houston Responds

Houston Responds formed in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey and seeks to unite, empower and mobilize churches to expedite recovery and respond to disasters.  The non-profit supports 15 regional coalitions of churches across Greater Houston that work with local officials to ensure the faith community is meeting their communities needs in times of crisis, For information, visit HoustonResponds.org.


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