How to improve church accessibility — new e-book available

Want to Accommodate Worshippers with Hearing and Visual Impairments?

“Improving Church Accessibility” — a new, complimentary e-book from Church Executive and Ultra Stereo Labs (USL) — walks you through your options.

Although religious entities are exempt from the construction requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it’s in their interest — and part of their all-are-welcome DNA — to be as inclusive as possible.

To this end, “auxiliary devices” are available to help churches assist hearing- and visually-impaired congregants. This no-cost e-book zeroes in on two unique technologies:

  • Assistive listening systems, which enable both groups to become more engaged in worship.
  • Closed-captioning technologies, which translate sound into text for the hearing impaired.

Get your free copy today:



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