Never ask again: 3 tech-driven strategies to increase giving

By Joel Mikell & Derek Hazelet

You didn’t get into ministry because you enjoy asking people for money from the platform. And yet, sometimes that seems like the only option in order to fully fund the work your church is doing.


If you’re facing this dilemma, you’re not alone. There are hundreds of other church leaders dealing with the same challenge.

If giving is a spiritual decision before a financial one, then guiding people towards deeper levels of generosity requires an intentional process that engages people through personal and relevant interactions. However, many churches are communicating with every person the same way with their digital efforts, blasting the entire congregation with the same message.

Technology has made it easier than ever to create this one-on-one experience. By segmenting your email communication efforts to target various groups within your church, you’re able to provide the appropriate “next step” for every person in the pew. This enables you to bridge the gap between Sundays and engage each person in a way that’s relevant to him or her. It also ensures that you’re communicating a cohesive message across every channel, from digital to direct mail, so that people understand the vision, mission and priorities of your campaign.

“Many church leaders assume that e-giving is just for Millennials. But, according to a recent study… 60 percent of all churchgoers — both young and old — prefer to give electronically.”

#3: Ensure every person is noticed and every gift is recognized with automated follow-up and real-time notifications for your staff.

Download the eBook!
Download the eBook!

Every person in the church deserves to be noticed, to have a human touch, and to connect in a meaningful way to a community that can help them grow. But, the reality is that your staff can’t manage all those one-to-one interactions once you reach a certain size.

The good news is, technology exists to ensure every person is noticed and every gift is recognized. For example, you can automate a response that thanks a first-time giver. You can also receive real-time alerts based on customized variables, including when donations lapse or when church members make a significant gift. This technology allows you create a basis for an ongoing relationship and ensures no one gets looked over or left behind — all without adding additional work for you or your team.

What if you never had to ask again?

Technology will never completely solve all the challenges you face when it comes to increasing generosity, but it can make a significant difference with the right tools and strategies in place. It can also alleviate a lot of the pressure to make another announcement from stage asking people to give.

Are you ready to take the first step in leveraging technology to increase giving? We’ve created a free resource to help you evaluate your efforts and optimize your ability to lead people towards deeper levels of commitment:

Joel Mikell is president at RSI Stewardship. Follow him on Twitter [ @joelmikell ] or find him on Facebook.

Derek Hazelet is senior vice president at RSI Stewardship. Find him on Twitter [ @dhazelet ] or LinkedIn. 


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