Israel: the planning process –10 tips for faith-based travelers


Whether it’s your first trip to Israel or your tenth, one thing is certain: Planning well — in advance — is essential for a truly transformative experience in the Land of the Bible.

5980834618_5456190f41_oCountless faith-based travelers before you have learned what makes for a smooth trip. Benefit from their knowledge in Chapter 2 of the Faith-Based Travel: Israel eBook, where you’ll find 10 tried-and-true travel tips. These include …

  • What a pastor should (and shouldn’t) take on, pre-trip. The most senior church leader might be most effective in an unexpected capacity: as a support system!
  • How to keep fellow travelers involved — and engaged — in the process. Even before you depart, a trip to Israel is an amazing fellowship opportunity. Here’s how to maximize it.
  • How to keep costs down and choose the right partner. From transportation to meals, here’s how to make the trip as affordable as possible. (Hint: You can’t do it alone!)
  • When to go and what to pack. The weather in Israel might surprise you from season to season. Here’s what you need to know in order to pick the right travel time — and to pack accordingly.
  • Documentation guidelines and pre-flight security interview prep. Thankfully, neither of these is nearly as menacing as it sounds.
  • Answers to your most common health concerns while traveling. Though you’ll be in good hands in Israel, it’s smart to brush up before your go.
  • How to keep loved ones involved from afar. For church-based travelers, engaging family and friends back home in this once-in-a-lifetime experience is paramount. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might imagine.

Planning a trip to Israel is similar to planning a trip anywhere — simple and straightforward. The difference is the destination: an unparalleled experience, especially for faith-based travelers.



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In addition to travel planning advice from faith-based travelers just like you, you’ll find surprising facts about Israel.

And, keep an eye out for information on recommended sites and experiences for church-based travelers and “The Israel Experience: Safer Than You Might Think.”


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