New app designed to ‘automate’ Christian growth process says developer

CHESAPEAKE, Va. /Christian Newswire – Covenant Worx, LLC, announces the release of Spirit Fire, a free iPhone/iPod app that solves the problem preventing many modern Christians from developing a deeper relationship with God: time. The mobile study tool allows time-starved people to systematically learn a self-chosen Bible topic with little to no effort on their part. It achieves this by delivering to the user topically focused Bible verses randomly throughout the day based upon specific user-defined presets. The “set once & forget” process establishes a daily series of in-context “God-moments” giving users multiple opportunities to pause and reflect on contextual scripture amid their hectic schedules. The app describes these daily Bible alerts as “Sparx” in that they are designed to spark, or ignite, faith in the users’ lives much like the kindling of a fire. Since the app’s soft launch last month, it has garnered downloads in over 25 countries outside of the U.S. including China, Russia and India.

Developed by CEO Paul Neal, the idea was inspired by his observation of peoples’ seemingly obsessional dependence on their smartphones. He says, “Mobile devices are a blessing in that they can enhance productivity and foster freedom, but at the same time they can be a mechanism to add great noise to already busy and strained lives. Why not create a tool that harnesses this technology for good, to add true, lasting value to people?”

Spirit Fire app does just that. It features such categories of Bible study as “Faith & Hope,” “Finance,” “Parenthood,” and “Business Wisdom” among others. Once a course of study is selected, the user “dials-in” the timeframe during the day in which to receive scripture alerts (i.e. between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m.), chooses the number of scriptures to receive each day, and they are done. From that point on, the targeted, in-context Bible verses arrive randomly throughout the day overlaid on a variety of random, inspirational background images. The “Sparx” can also be viewed in full Bible context or shared with friends via Facebook, Twitter, text or email.
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